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Qualities of Healthy Spiritual Practices and the Rewards of Healthy Spiritual Practices

Healthy Spiritual Practices Qualities and Rewards:

  1. always respect complete free will in spiritual choices.
  2. create a balanced spirituality composed of physical, emotional and mental balance, practical idealism, science, philosophy and art.
  3. assist the individual to harmonize their life with larger universal values and principles reflecting the Ultimate Reality.
  4. cultivate and expand awareness, loving regard for all life, compassion, empathy, sharing, and the wise and balanced application of the basic human virtues applied to oneself, to one’s family, tribe, nation, planet and the universe.
  5. encourage their members to reality test their inner voice, inspirations or insights against reason, other mature and wise individuals or time tested community validity tests for authenticity.
  6. are open to sincere outside review.
  7. are designed and conducted in ways that respect the common good, with due regard for public safety, health, and order.
  8. create a spiritualized social activism and justice for all that manifests in responsible ways that reflect a loving regard for all life.
  9. respect and preserve the autonomy and dignity of each person. Participation is voluntary and based on prior disclosure and consent given to each participant while in an ordinary state of consciousness.
  10. protect each participant's health and safety during spiritual practices. Any physical or psychological risks are fully disclosed. There may be periods of vulnerability on a healthy spiritual path where participants may be especially open to suggestion, manipulation, and exploitation, but in a healthy spiritual practices there is no spiritual, financial, sexual, manipulation, psychological or emotional advantage taken during of any such periods of vulnerability..
  11. maintain appropriate customs of confidentiality.
  12. chose leaders and teachers of long standing moral character and whose actions have consistently reflected their spiritual statements and positions.
  13. grow and attract other to them through attraction rather than active promotion.
  14. are conducted in the spirit of service and accommodate participants without regard to their ability to pay or make donations. Authentic spirituality is a gift from Ultimate Reality to the universal commons of all life. It is owned by no one and no one has an exclusive on any spiritual wisdom or processes.
  15. create a new sense of youthfulness in the old and in individuals who have lost their vitality or purpose.
  16. create an expanded identification with, becoming of or, beingness as, one’s highest self or, Ultimate Reality so that one more easily identifies and empathizes with one’s highest self, others, the family, tribe, nation, planet and universe.
  17. create a relaxed sense of inner peace and a spiritual certainty of an eventual spiritual outcome that will be good in spite of any current circumstances.
  18. increase the individual’s creativity, responsibility and control over their inner lives and will.
  19. increase the gratitude, wonder, humility and awe that the individual fees toward life and Ultimate Reality.
  20. increase the sense of freedom and adventure in life and toward the spiritual journey.

As the above are the qualities/fruits of good spiritual practices and authentic spiritual organizations and, as the above is the results you can expect when you listen to your authentic inner spiritual "voice," the probability is extremely good that you are on the right spiritual path. If the opposite of these things are occurring something is definitely wrong and, it is highly likely that you or the spiritual organization teaching you has gotten off a healthy and balanced spiritual path.

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