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Paradoxes Surrounding Evolution Spirituality, Our Vision and Universe Spirit Organization

Although the Evolution Spirituality movement has many of the characteristics and functions of a traditional spiritual organization there are many paradoxes that appear in the movement because Evolution Spirituality is literally a new type of meta-religion and meta-spirituality that has never existed before. Some of the paradoxes of Evolution Spirituality, Universe Spirit (the organization) and its new form of meta-spirituality are:

  1. We are an open source spirituality where we are open to spiritual wisdom from any source even if the wisdom is found where one would not expect to find such wisdom.
  2. It was born in post-postmodern times. In many ways it looks quite different than traditional, hierarchical, and closed source religions because most major religions where born in pre-modern, traditional or early modern eras where our knowledge about ourselves, optimal organizational structures and knowledge about our universe as a whole system was very limited. 
  3. It has an ecclesiastical structure, yet not one like any other religion that has ever existed. Our organization also does not have a Pope or final ecclesiastical authority because our belief is that final spiritual truth and authority is determined and held by the individual with the assistance of the Presence within them. We do not recognize anyone in our centers who have been specially or uniquely appointed by Ultimate Reality or that have an exclusive claim to the authority of divine leadership or special spiritual revelation that must or should now become a new or senior truth for all of our other center members to abide by.
  4. Our organization holds that the combined group spiritual wisdom of our membership and the already existing spiritual validity tests of the existing spiritual heritage of mankind is fully sufficient for our organization to evolve and grow in the optimal spiritual way. We also believe that no one individual perspective or group created ecclesiastic statement of spiritual principle or conscience will completely define or limit the possible future spiritual development of the movement.
  5. We further hold that the ultimate mysteries of Ultimate Reality may never be fully knowable. Humility toward this unknowable element of Ultimate Reality the Great Mystery will always exist in any authentic spirituality and it is healthy for this to be recognized openly in our centers. 
  6. When one tries to describe the infinite and absolute Ultimate Reality with relative terms many paradoxes result. This is because mankind has used all kinds of myths and metaphors (often called religious doctrine) to describe in relative terms, that which is not relative but absolute and infinite.
  7. We choose to keep our founders anonymous because our spirituality has chosen not to emphasize these personalities. We have chosen to focus on teaching science-grounded universal spiritual wisdom and supporting each member’s unique spiritual journey to completeness. Because of this choice, in the future there will be no personalities to deify or divert member attention away from their personal spiritual journey or their direct experience of Ultimate Reality or, to have religious wars and conflicts over. Only the first founders of our International founding center will, because of the above and by their own request, remain anonymous. All of the board members and officers of the founding international center are public persons visible to our members in our organization’s day to day operations. All of our ordained or recognized Life and Spirit facilitators are public persons visible and accessible to our members in our organization. All of the board members, officers and Life and Spirit facilitators of future centers will be visible public persons in their centers.
  8. It is still a distinct spirituality with its own principles and culture, yet anyone from any other religion may be a member without having to give up their former religious affiliation. 
  9. Because we were born as a global spiritual movement of the post-postmodern era, it is one of the first spiritual organizations to be delivering almost all of our services primarily on and from the Internet. Our physical spiritual centers and locations play a significantly lesser role. 
  10. We have ordained ministers, but those ministers are better thought of as life and spirit facilitators, which is our actual name for our ministers, rabbis or imams. While they perform all the functions of traditional ministers they do it in new ways that look very different from ministerial systems created in pre-modern or traditional eras. Our board members or officers of any center are the public day to day business administrators for that center. They may or may not also be Life and Spirit facilitators. 

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