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October/November 2005 Newsletter: News, Events, People, Awards and More…

Greetings for October/November,

We trust you are enjoying a beautiful October wherever you are on the planet. All of us here at Integrative Spirituality are very excited about the growing interest in our website which officially launched September 12th. We continue to experience a surge in visitors and just broke the 1 million page views mark by the end of October!

We are also pleased to report that our San Francisco Floating Event Center, "The Creative Spirit", is now hosting more events each month. We have worked to create a space where everyone feels welcomed and embraced. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and have yet to come aboard, please be sure to check our calendar of events on the website and look for events that are being held here. We’d love to see you!

If you live in the San Francisco area, please email us and ask to be on the local events email list or watch the monthly Event calendar below. We are continually offering some great events and speakers.

Enjoy the following news for your spirit. We look forward to your feedback.

The Most Interesting News Story

Employees are breaking out of the corporate environment

Article of the Month

How the Integral Movement is playing a vital role in a global second enlightenment.

The Best New Spiritual Humor

A philosopher once had the following dream.....

First Aristotle appeared, and the philosopher said to him, "Could you give me a fifteen-minute capsule sketch of your entire philosophy?"

To the philosopher's surprise, Aristotle gave him an excellent exposition in which he compressed an enormous amount of material into a mere fifteen minutes. But then the philosopher raised a certain objection which Aristotle couldn't answer.

Confounded, Aristotle disappeared. Then Plato appeared.

The same thing happened again, and the philosophers' objection to Plato was the same as his objection to Aristotle. Plato also couldn't answer it and disappeared.

Then all the famous philosophers of history appeared one-by-one and our philosopher refuted every one with the same objection. After the last philosopher vanished, our philosopher said to himself, "I know I'm asleep and dreaming all this. Yet I've found a universal refutation for all philosophical systems! Tomorrow when I wake up, I will probably have forgotten it, and the world will really miss something!"

With an iron effort, the philosopher forced himself to wake up, rush over to his desk, and write down his universal refutation. Then he jumped back int bed with a sigh of relief.

The next morning when he awoke, he went over to the desk to see what he had written. It was, "That's what you say."

You can also add your own spiritual humor and view more on our humor page. Click here for more.

The Most Inspiring Quote of the Day

"To rejoice at another person's joy is like being in heaven." ~ Meister Eckhart

Event of the Month: Weekend Experiential Training Gathering

This past July, we held an after event cruise and gathering on ‘The Creative Spirit’ for folks from all over the country who were attending the Integral WET: Weekend Experiential Training in San Francisco. We had a fabulous time with the diverse members of the San Francisco integral spiritual communities. To see pictures of from the WET July’s event please click here. To see more photos our San Francisco center click here.

The 9 new Artists of the Month Awards Winners for October

* Visual Artist of the Month, Daniel Holeman
* Musical Artist of the Month, Stuart Davis
* Writer - Artist of the month, David Ray Griffin
* Humor Artist of the Month, Funny Times
* Philosopher - Artist of the Month, Hans Kung
* Futurist - Artist of the Month, Jean Houston
* Spiritual Teacher - Artist of the Month, Brother David Steindl-Rast
* Organization of the Month, The Network of Spiritual Progressives

Event Highlights for October/November

* October 19th – The Future of Spirituality
* October 29th – Integral Path to World Peace
* November 6th – AWL: Acting With Love, a workshop with Rochelle Strider
* Ongoing – Morning Meditation on The Creative Spirit
And much more…..

Please know that as a member of Integrative Spirituality, you can add your own events this calendar; Take a few moments to explore the features and see what’s coming up. The more the community uses this, the more we stay connected! Check out what’s happening here.

Featured Teacher of Universal Spirituality

Our Featured Teacher of Universal Spirituality this month is Brother David Steindl-Rast.

The surging Personal Spirituality Movement embraces spiritual teachers of spiritual wisdom from any denomination. Integrative Spirituality especially recognizes spiritual teachers from any denomination who teach and live a spiritual life of universality, inclusiveness and virtue. We honor these Teachers of Universal Spirituality who promote the foundational importance of finding or expanding one’s personal spirituality through direct spiritual experience; inspire living a live of balanced virtue; help to heal the world and; who in an unofficial, but de facto and collegial manner, help expand the global spiritual commons for all humankind.

Expanding the Global Spiritual Commons

Integrative Spirituality has spent the last three years building the online interactive tools to become a key first website to support open source spirituality collaborations and the online data base expansion of the global spiritual commons. There are over 24 interactive open source software tools on our website for you to use.

Website Features:

Newcomer Advice

If you are new to us and need advice on moving about the website we have a FAQ page that can serve as an orientation and starting point. Just click here and dive in.

Website Growth Statistics

• We just passed the 1 million hit mark.
Click here to view more stats

Volunteer Opportunities

We invite you to volunteer and contribute your wisdom, knowledge and skills relating to some area of our website or non profit organization and be of vital service to the world. To find out about volunteer opportunities with IS please visit this page.

The Mission of Integrative Spirituality

We are an integral and open source spiritual organization created for the 21st century and beyond that focuses first upon supporting you in expanding your transformative, direct spiritual experience of Ultimate Reality toward the goal of spiritual completeness and a balanced living of the virtues.

Think of us as a unique, all-denominations organization that is a joyous, artful new center for a global network of spiritual adventurers and cultural and spiritual creatives to:

  1. connect with kindred spirits,
  2. be supported on their unique personal spiritual paths,
  3. share their spiritual, life and social wisdom to help expand the global spiritual commons and evolve the Great News,
  4. support each other’s spiritual growth and,
  5. co-act to co-create a better world through spiritualized social activism.

How You Can Help

Integrative Spirituality needs your assistance, wisdom and financial resources to achieve its mission and vision.

When you contribute financially you are also helping to restructure the way money and assets are used --- away from fear and towards the world of the 2nd great enlightenment period in mankind’s history- a period of the nourishment of our souls/spirits and for regeneration of our planet and development of an Integral and healthy spirituality.

Your contributions help create an alliance that unifies us in pursuing spiritual truth, beauty and goodness and the planting of seeds for a different kind of spiritual and social future for ourselves and the planet. We use all donations to provide all denominations with support for their personal spiritual journey and to provide and expand the shared spiritual wisdom from all denominations found in the Global Spiritual Commons.

Please visit out donation page tread more about how to donate to IS.

Please Spread the Word about Us!

Please let your friends and family know about Integrative Spirituality by clicking here.

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