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What are the Benefits for Understanding and Adopting the New Universe Evolutionary Worldview

"The New Universe Evolutionary Worldview (Universe Worldview or UEW for short,) conveys many tremendous survival, sustainability and quality-of-life success advantages on all who use it." Lawrence Wollersheim

The Universe Worldview and the universe consciousness that proceeds from it helps make individuals objectively aware that the progressive evolution of the universe has now reached the amazing point where the state of knowledge about the universe's most success evolutionary patterns now exists to such a degree that today's individuals can effectively partner with the universe to consciously co-evolve  evolution --- with evolution for the first time in human history! Acts of conscious co-evolution using this new knowledge cause dramatic improvement within individual lives, groups, communities and the environment thus creating the perfect win/win/win scenario!

The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview:

1.) provides a more useful and science-balanced unified understanding of life (and spirit --- if your nature is so inclined,) based upon the largest possible time and space perspective currently known --- a universe scaled perspective!

2.) provides a now necessary, transcending and including re-alignment of everything. This includes such things as physics, chemistry, biology, cultural sociology, economics, politics and, our management and government sub-systems. For those of a spiritual inclination, it even holds the capability to both re-align and expand religion and the exploration within personal spirituality toward a more rational balance while still encompassing the most life-affirming wisdom and solutions from what has come before.

3.) provides a new science-grounded universe and life genesis story that is more accurate and can be truly shared by all of humanity. This new common universe and life genesis story encompasses and transcends humanity’s previous diverse and often conflicting cultural and religious genesis stories. Yet it still allows for the most life-affirming wisdom and meanings from previous cultural and religious genesis stories to find a place within the new science-grounded universe and life genesis story. The new science-grounded genesis story based upon evolution as being progressive and directional provides a new understanding of personal identity and dignity. It also provides humanity new shared evolutionary purposes and goals and, a new set of science-rational evolutionary values and ethical guidelines that will allow humanity to establish the larger cooperation agreements critically necessary to resolving the current planetary challenges.

4.) provides the new science-grounded perspectives necessary to create a sustainable prosperity for all on all levels and, that potentially holds the promise to last for millions of generations.

5.) provides science-grounded individual and collective deep meaning, value and a new central importance within the universe adventure that post-postmodernism had previously made into a dark, cold space where the individual was rendered meaningless. It is a vision that is rich in actualizing all the possibilities for attaining the fullest possible personal and collective meaning in life.

6.) provides real empowerment, connection and centering in a world where many people now feel fragmented and powerless.

7.) provides new more effective and safe pathways for humanity’s individual and collective exploration of Ultimate Reality. And finally, the New Universe 






 .) provides an opportunity for the individual to be on the leading edge of life's evolution by becoming an intentional partner with evolution. This is done by aligning one self and one’s groups with the near unstoppable progressive directionality of evolution in the great universe adventure. 

What Does the New Universe Evolutionary Worldview Provide for Your Day-to-Day Practical Living Challenges?

The new information, practices and principles of the New Universe Worldview can provide a powerful new centering point for your life. It can dramatically enhance, evolve and/or re-align your core perspectives (your current worldview.) It will provide a new, expanded and unified understanding of the nature of life and spirit in the universe and the destination(s) as to where they are evolving. Because your core worldview influences almost everything in your life most often invisibly, this new centering worldview will help dramatically:

a.) enhance and/or re-align your thinking, feeling and attitudes, which will then in turn, b.) dramatically enhance and/or re-align your actions, which will finally then, c.) dramatically enhance and/or re-align the lifestyle and relationship benefits that you currently experience.

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