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More About Our Three Great Adventures, Three Great Works, Three Great Commitments and the Three Great Alignments of the Universe Age and the Unissance

(This is a early version of the Three Great Adventures that we keep on the website for historical reasons.)

The First Great Spiritual Adventure and Journey of Life and Spirit --- One Universe, One Love:

The first great adventure and journey is to discover more about immanent Ultimate Reality and your highest identity, purposes and meaning in life by living fully embodied in the now within the objective physical realities of the post big bang universe --- especially as expressed in the New Universe Evolutionary Worldview that we teach within our organization. On this first great adventure and journey you will also explore the body of objective knowledge and spiritual wisdom that can be discerned or supported concerning Ultimate Reality and how to live our lives by looking exclusively at the deepest reoccurring success patterns and objective scientific information found within the 14 billion years of the universe's progressive evolution.

This emerging new form of primal, embodied and physical universe grounded spirituality of this first great journey discloses our most testable, shared identity, purposes, meanings and common genesis story. The first great adventurer and journey begins the Great Re-Alignment toward a New Universe Worldview, which is a practical, science-tested and physical reality based new and transforming worldview. It presents a new meta-perspective and new objective science consciousness which is critically needed to achieve the first Great Work, the single greatest challenge of our times. (The first Great Work is saving the planet from the current climate and environmental crisis and the potential eventual biocide that could end humanity as we know it on this planet) 

On the first great adventure and journey you will also explore the first Great Commitment (see Great Commitment section below,) to release your greatest potential and power to serve the highest destiny of both yourself and the Earth. 

The first great adventure and journey includes helping you be more successful in the most practical daily activities of your life. This great adventure and journey also even includes such practical things as learning about global warming and what you can do about it to protect the quality of evolving life for both the near and far future. To learn more about why this first great spiritual adventure and journey is first, timely and important, click here. (This first journey of Universe Spirit has also been known previously as evolutionary or eco-spirituality) 

The Second Great Adventure and Journey of Life and Spirit --- One Love, One Universe:

The second great adventure and journey is to subjectively explore more about the transcendent, Ultimate Reality as well as your highest identity and purposes by learning all that can be discovered about the initiating Source behind the big bang and the universe. 

On the second great adventure and journey you will begin or continue a personal and subjective exploration of all the major spiritual perspectives and beliefs concerning the origin, nature and purposes of that which is both the Source and that which came before the universe came into being. For this exploration into 21st century personal spirituality we present the most life-affirming spiritual wisdom and perspectives from humanity's vast heritage of spiritual wisdom.

Here like the great founders, saints and mystics of the past you will explore the transcendent spiritual nature of Ultimate Reality and its relationship to and purposes within the physical universe, but unlike the first great adventure and journey which is mostly objective and science grounded, this second great adventure and journey is mostly subjective, mythic, and metaphoric as derived from the spiritual wisdom of the world's great spiritual traditions. Here you also get to explore the great subjective spiritual journey into Ultimate Reality using information found or tested within yourself.

This is the second of the your hero’s or heroine’s great adventures and journeys. It begins another Great Alignment toward more new and empowering subjective spiritual perspectives and consciousness. This second Great Alignment is needed for the Second Great Work for expanding your personal subjective exploration and experience of the delight, love, justice, compassion, nature and purposes contained within Ultimate Reality. Within the second great journey you also find the second Great Commitment (see below) needed to continue realizing your greatest potential and power to serve the highest destiny of both yourself, humanity and life on Earth and the progressive evolution of the universe.

The Third Great Adventure and Journey of Life and Spirit --- One Earth, One Love:

The third great adventure and journey is to discover more about the Ultimate Reality by living sustainable prosperity within cooperative, progressively evolving communities of all scales. In this third great adventure and journey you will take what you are learning on the first two journeys and apply it in daily living to help you evolve and live more delightfully and a sustainable prosperity in the embodied here and now.

In this Third Great Adventure and journey a third Great Alignment in perspective and consciousness also occurs to facilitate building a better balance for obtaining your needs while simultaneously serving the needs of your communities, the planet and progressive evolution in the universe. This day to day real life process then creates more ethical, life affirming experiences and builds better relationships on every level. (Communities of greater scale could be any or all of the following; family, group, company, nation, all Earth species, humanity, the universe etc.)

The third great adventure and journey is going on all the time (especially while you are working on the other two great adventures and journeys.) When you are more consciously aware while on this third great journey as well as the new choices that you can make, it becomes the practical living success adventure that just keeps steadily improving both yourself and everything around you.

 The Three Great Works

1.) The first great adventure and journey informs and creates the first Great Work. The first Great Work is saving the planet from the global environmental crisis and the potential biocide that it now faces and to create a sustainable prosperity. To do this most effectively includes the objective exploration of Ultimate Reality in the new universe worldview and expanding your personal growth.

If Earth is not sustained in a viable manner, no person, organization or endeavor will be sustained in a viable manner. All of our futures are inescapably linked to the well being of the Earth’s biological systems now moving deeper into crisis. This is the current Job One and Great Work for all of humanity and every Earth organization! If you would like to see an amazing short video on the logic of why this has to be Job One for all of humanity, click here. (On our Universe Spirit and eco-spirituality courses you can learn all about this issue, what to do about it and much more. Click here to check out these courses in our Universe College.)

2.) The second great adventure and journey informs and creates the second Great Work. The Second Great Work is your continuing to realize your full potential expand your growth and your personal subjective exploration of Ultimate Reality.

3.) The third great adventure and journey informs and creates the third Great Work. The Third Great Work is serving the many local and global communities in which we exist in more balanced, effective and ethical ways. (Communities could be the family, group, company, nation, all Earth species, humanity, universe, etc.)

The Three Great Commitments

All of the Great Adventures and Journeys, Great Works and Great Shifts require effort and commitment. The following are the Three Great Commitments:

1.) The First Great Commitment is to live a sustainable prosperous lifestyle that will help create a civilization with the potential to last 10 million generations --- a blink of time from the universe's 14 billion year perspective. Part of this commitment involves both learning about and teaching others about the changes needed to avert an Earth environmental crisis and to insure that these needed changes are enacted to allow the survival of the Earth’s bio systems as well as current and future generations. 

2.) The Second Great Commitment is to continue to personally grow to release your full potential and explore Ultimate Reality subjectively and evolve spiritually to better live the virtues in a balanced way --- to commit to living in delight, justice, love and compassion.

3.) The third Great Commitment is to balance one’s own appropriate needs with cooperative, effective and life-affirming service to the communities within which one exists. (Communities could be the family, group, company, nation, all Earth species, humanity, universe, etc.)

The Three Great Re-Alignments Are Helping to Birth the Unissance Movement

The Three Great Alignments:

a.) The first Great Alignment helps the individual re-align to the sustainability of life on the planet and act in ways to help prevent any environmental crisis that would endanger the existence of future generations.

b.) The second Great Alignment helps the individual expand and/or align with their highest, most accurate identity, meaning and purpose in life derived from the New Universe Worldview and from the most life-affirming wisdom from humanity's vast spiritual heritage.

c.) The third Great Alignment helps the individual re-align the individual needs into a better balance with the needs of the numerous communities we live within and are interconnected and interdependent upon.

The Three Great Alignments and the Unissance have been proceeded by what other organizations call the Great Turning, the Great Shift or the Shift. The Great Turning, the Great Shift or the Shift have generally referred to the wave of new improvements occurring in life when seen from or created by a predominantly planetary perspective and planetary consciousness. The Unissance movement and its Three Great Alignments transcends and include the great work and ideas of these earlier planetary movements only in that the Unissance is also based upon the broader, more encompassing insights and uniquely empowering benefits of the emerging universe consciousness within humanity as described in the Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

The three Great Alignments and Unissance when understood as expressed in the Universe Evolutionary Worldview is beginning to cause stirrings toward needed global re-alignment of all of our cultural systems, laws and constitutions with the progressive directionality of universe evolution. Every aspect of our understandings about the nature of life and spirit acting upon us as individuals and collectives will be improved from it. All of our personal and social activities eventually will be proactively re-aligned including our economics, politics, spirituality, social justice and particularly our current environmental sustainability activities.  

For more about the Great Universe Alignment born from the Three Great Alignments Here

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