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Meta Religion: The Great News


We are all engaged in a great open and co-creative spiritual adventure and partnership with Ultimate Reality however you define it. It is the ultimate adventure in that it is intimately concerned with the quality of your life in this very moment. It is equally concerned with improving your community, the world and the quality of your existence beyond your physical form.

This open source, integral and integrative meta-religion (also know as a meta-spirituality) holds the promise of new hope to the many who have become isolated and cynical in today's polarized world. It also brings new, realistic and practical solutions to what just yesterday seemed to be near unsolvable spiritual, social and personal problems. We provide this "Great News" about the basic postulates of this open source, evolutionary meta-spirituality not as some final or special authority, but as a support resource for your individual contemplation, growth and joy. You are the final authority who decides upon its wisdom, value and usefulness. (If this is your first time visiting this web site and you want to know the basics of who we are and what we do, click here.)

Our Great News and Meta-Religion Manifesto of Spiritual Interdependence

We hold and affirm that:

1.) You are a great and unique expression of the Ultimate Reality/Integrative Spirit. Because of this you too are also fully able and capable of having the same or similar direct spiritual experiences to what the saints, prophets, mystics, deep scientists, great poets, inspired social leaders and founders of the world's great religious traditions have experienced and have any or all of the following:

  1. a visceral, transcendent and/or ecstatic personal or non-personal experience of the absolute Ultimate Reality/Integrative Spirit  (the Ultimate Concern, Infinite Mystery or the Oneness we all exist within no matter what you call it God, Buddha, Allah, Wholeness, Ultimate Reality, Integrative Spirit, etc.)
  2. a relationship/connection with the Ultimate Reality/Integrative Spirit,
  3. finding a presence or "the" presence of the Ultimate Reality/Integrative Spirit within oneself (even as them or it,)
  4. experiencing a living union with the Ultimate Reality/Integrative Spirit,
  5. knowing more about Ultimate Reality qualities, states, nature and purposes through direct and indirect experience,
  6. having a personal renewal in the form of feeling energized, motivated, inspired and having a rekindled hope and confidence in life and the future from these experiences, and
  7. finding the transformational wisdom, empowerment and healing needed for an expanded living of the virtues in a balanced way from these experiences. So that in your personal and social behavior and your attitudes you are being like (congruent with) what the Ultimate Reality/Integrative Spirit is authentically like --- in classic spiritual terms you are acting with authentic joyful love in your relationships.

2. From your direct spiritual experiences with the Ultimate Reality/Integrative Spirit you can expect to experience a new and expanded sense of:

  • delight,
  • identity,
  • purpose and meaning,
  • autonomy, freedom and dignity,
  • awareness, compassion, empathy and peace,
  • emotional and mental balance
  • physical well being,
  • feeling younger in heart and energy as you paradoxically get older (a major life re-vitalization),
  • personal effectiveness (being able to implement wise and balanced applications of the virtues to resolve life’s problems,)
  • service to life manifesting in life affirming and balanced ways,
  • connection to the Integrative Spirit/Ultimate Reality, self, others as well as all other life and,
  • interconnectedness in a dynamic and growing global open source spiritual community within a new type of networked open global spiritual commons.

3. When you are learning about and evolving toward and with Ultimate Reality, you are on the greatest and most rewarding spiritual and physical partnership AND adventure in the evolving physical universe. It is the most primal, purposeful and only adventure in all of existence that will:

  1. create every single thing that is worthwhile to be or become,
  2. help you to do every single thing worthwhile that could be done and,
  3. eventually create every single thing that is worth having --- both now and throughout eternity!

4. As a great and unique expression of the Ultimate Reality/Integrative Spirit you too are naturally and abundantly creative and artistic. This means that each of us is an artist that can empower art, beauty, truth and goodness to flow into every part of your life. As an inherently creative and artistic individual you are also capable of creating both a sufficiency and abundance of solutions for the challenges of your life and the world. For more information about the role of and importance of art and creativity in our organization, click here.

5. Live in abundant hope and confidence in the future because you are an interconnected and essential part of the most successful living system ever created! You are an integral and essential component to the ongoing 13 billion years of successful universe evolution!

You are vital to the universe's evolutionary goals of unstoppable and ever-increasing truth, beauty, goodness and consciousness of the Ultimate Reality/Integrative Spirit which has emerged it, has involved into it and is in direct partnership with you to co-evolve it (this universe,) towards even greater levels of truth, beauty, goodness and consciousness within both the individual and of Ultimate Reality/Integrative Spirit in all its forms, states and qualities. (Hegel was partially right when he said that, "the direction of evolution in the universe was more and more matter becoming conscious." The deepest direction of evolution in the universe is more and more matter becoming both conscious of itself and of the Ultimate Reality/Integrative Spirit in all its forms, states and qualities.) In direct partnership with the purposes and laws of Ultimate Reality/Integrative Spirit you have all the necessary potentials to fully transform, empower and heal yourself and then in partnership with others to transform any problem challenging you, your community or the world today! By using your own inner spiritual transformation, empowerment, healing and the fruits of your direct spiritual experiences with the Ultimate Reality/Integrative Spirit you are also fully capable of doing your part to help break the chains of the world's reciprocating pain and cruelty that pass from person to person and generation to generation though your delight, generosity, kindness, love, wisdom, service, forgiveness and balanced living of the virtues.

6. It is your destiny to live happy, enjoy life’s pleasures, have fun and make your highest ideals real. Your being in the present, your making your life an expression of artful creativity, your joy, humor, delight generosity, kindness, forgiveness and gratitude are your highest forms of life-affirming worship and the best ways to empower your life and service to others.

7. Your greatest real wealth during this life is your willingness to experience what actually is, your relationships, your experiences and, the willingness you create within yourself or that you engender in others. (The single most commonly accepted trans-denominational community validity test for manifesting an authentic spiritual life is demonstrated by the evolving quality of your current life relationships. Another way to say this is --- that your current relationships are continuing to evolve toward greater truth, beauty, goodness, and demonstrate within them an increased consciousness of the Ultimate Reality that includes and interconnects all things. These four things are often abbreviated to their most simple result, which is acting with authentic love, experiencing more delight in your relationships and being continuously grateful.)

8. In partnership with the Ultimate Reality/Integrative Spirit, at this very moment you are fully capable of doing your one six billionth part to co-responsibly co-evolve a just, sustainable and equitable world for all! This is because you are truly a co-evolutionary, co-responsible partner with the Ultimate Reality/Integrative Spirit in the universe's evolutionary process toward it's core goals of ever increasing novelty, complexity, co-operation, integration, truth, beauty, goodness and increasing consciousness of the oneness and wholeness of the Ultimate Reality/Integrative Spirit in all its forms, states and qualities. One does this first by finding oneness with the process of evolution at the level of our own consciousness/spirit/soul/highest essence and, then by your conscious and intentional co-creation of the very choices and processes of evolution, creating a comprehensive sustainable and appropriate lifestyle and, holding an active stewardship for all of earth's eco systems! 

Because of the evolution of our current level of spiritual and self-consciousness, it now appears that we have passed an evolutionary milestone. Humanity has finally reached the evolutionary transition point where our conscious co-creation with the absolute Ultimate Reality/Integrative Spirit as co-creative partners in the evolutionary process is now both fully appropriate and absolutely spiritually essential for the optimal future unfolding of all life and relationships in the universe. For as long as evolution shall continue, the future of evolution is now more than ever truly up to us! The Ultimate Reality/Integrative Spirit will fully co-act with those in partnership who embrace this co-responsibility to co-evolve this great adventure of evolution in life affirming ways. (Here is an important example of what doing our 1/6 billionth part means in tangible terms. At the current time due to the growing environmental crisis and potential biocide that both we and all future generations will face, to do our 1/6 billionth part there is no greater more current, more relevant or embodied Great Spiritual Work and daily spiritual practice than that of learning and following the practical steps of living sustainably and actively stewarding the Earth's eco-systems for both ourselves and future generations. If you would like to see an amazing short video on the logic of why this has to be 1/6 billionth Job One for all of humanity, click here. On our evolutionary spirituality courses you can learn all about the this issue, what to do about it and much more.)

9. When you continuously live from your most authentic self (the self that most accurately expresses the wholeness of the Ultimate Reality/Integrative Spirit,) and when you hold and stay connected in union to Ultimate Reality/Integrative Spirit as you most fully understand it ---and, when you connect to the most authentic, highest self in others in a simultaneous tri-union your creativity in the moment will be maximized, polarizing dualities will break down and the future can work out far better than you ever dreamed or expected!

10. All authentic spiritual paths are inherently both physically and mentally safe to the spiritual adventurer due to the very nature of the Ultimate Reality/Integrative Spirit and its relationship to the individual.

11. Spiritual growth and states and stages of enlightenment will take as long as it takes for that particular individual. It does not inherently take vast amounts of time (or even lifetimes) to experience powerful spiritual growth, enlightenment and spiritual transformation and empowerment. Your spiritual desires, decisions and actions are the most important personally controllable factors that maximize your spiritual growth.

12. The unfolding adventure of discovering and attaining spiritual growth and states and stages of enlightenment on a journey of wonder and awe is a continuous process that appears to have no final or complete level of spiritual growth or enlightenment in this reality. This is due to primarily the potential or actual infiniteness of Ultimate Reality to be discovered and experienced on many levels of reality. This expanding great spiritual journey becomes easier, more stable and successful at the deepest levels of personal truth with each new and additional level of spiritual growth and enlightenment attained. 

13. It matters not in which religious denomination or place you find it, but only that all authentic spiritual wisdom once discovered should be included within your own open source personal spirituality and personal religion!

14. The universal spiritual prime directive is that the individual is the true and final ecclesiastical, free will authority determining the truth for their own spiritual life. This is solely the individual’s final spiritual right through exercise of their own unfettered, sovereign free will and their independent investigation for truth.(Interfering with or attempting to supersede the authentic guiding voice and ecclesiastical authority of the presence of the Ultimate Reality/Integrative Spirit within, is never permissible by any exterior individual or organizational ecclesiastical body. This is because all healthy minded individuals are capable of discerning spiritual truth for themselves by using their own direct experience(s) of the Ultimate Reality/Integrative Spirit in conjunction with using the traditional spiritual validity tests and safeguards. These classic validity tests and safeguards indicate how to know when one is hearing the authentic voice of the Ultimate Reality/Integrative Spirit within and not one’s own desire, projections, ego or other inappropriate internal or external influences.)

15. As you elevate your desires, you elevate your life. The more you elevate or spiritualize your desires (your decisions on what your really want) the more you can be assured of a better life, progress and eventual spiritual completeness.

16. Sharing your spiritual wisdom (when asked) and supporting others on their unique personal spiritual journey as a spiritual co-adventurer is one of the greatest ways to build a better world.

17. You are always connected and part of our open source, omni-denominational spiritual community though our common Origin in Ultimate Reality, our common genesis story and in our shared highest spiritual intentions. We fully support you in developing your own  open source personal spirituality for it is the future and essence of all religion! Our organization is fully dedicated to supporting you as a fellow spiritual co-adventurer and Spiriteer in expanding your direct spiritual experiences with the Ultimate Reality/Integrative Spirit and in supporting your search for new spiritual wisdom to improve the world.

18. Awakening to and awarely being in union with more of your Spirit and Consciousness will eventually preserve your highest spiritual Essence and transcend the death of the physical body.

19. We hold a necessary humility and awe because the Ultimate Reality will never be fully knowable to us in our current form. All efforts to fully know or disclose the infinite splendor of the nature and purposes of Ultimate Reality will at their very best be nothing more than partial maps, myths or metaphors.

No matter how much we can know about Ultimate Reality and how much we can do that reflects Ultimate Reality it will always be a partial and incomplete representation of the theoretically infinite potentials and infinite realized aspects of Ultimate Reality. Therefore we as an organization and as fellow spiritual co-journeyers will always stand in awe, humility as well as openness to new surprises concerning Ultimate Reality continually unveiling the unending mysteries of itself to each individual and successive generation through any and all means, sources or circumstances regarding its ultimate and complete truth, beauty and goodness and consciousness.

From the above it follows logically that we hold that no individual or organizational spiritual effort to know or disclose Ultimate Reality has any inherent special exclusivity or any absolute or final completeness, authority or importance above all or any other individual or organizational effort to know or disclose to the unending mystery of Ultimate Reality. Any co-operation and collaboration between any of the partial individual or organizational efforts to know or disclose to the unending mysteries of Ultimate Reality, holds the promise of both adding to humankind’s knowledge base of Ultimate Reality or of being complementary and therefore also revealing of a greater vision of the inherent wholeness of the nature, purposes and states of Ultimate Reality.

The spiritual humility derived from our awe and wonder regarding this incompleteness of knowledge and the continual unfolding of the infinite and endless Great Mystery also implies that we as individuals and as an organization(s) are always in a state of continual openness to the continual surprise of learning more about Ultimate Reality from every possible source and circumstance, to further evolve our current spiritual ideas and ideals about what Ultimate Reality is within the global spiritual commons.

What's Next

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