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Life Income and Us

If you have any questions on the following, contact us at, (manager@joboneforhumanity.org).

Charitable Gift Annuity - This is probably the simplest and most affordable of all the life income gifts. You contribute your property directly to Factnet Inc (The corporate name for Job One for Humanity and Universe Spirit and we pay you a fixed income for life. It may be funded with $10,00 or more and you and/or o­ne other beneficiary receives a fixed annual percentage for life. A portion of the annual income is exempt from Federal Taxes. These are IRREVOCABLE.

Charitable Remainder Trust - These are established for the life of the donor and/or the life of any beneficiaries, are IRREVOCABLE, and the income period can be for a specified period, not to exceed 20 yrs. The income portion of the trust can either be annuity income or unitrust income.

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust - The income is determined at the time the trust is established and is fixed based upon the market value of the trust at that time. The income payments do not increase even if the market value of the assets do.

Charitable Remainder Unitrust - The assets of this kind of trust are re-valued each year and the income is based o­n the percentage stated in the trust when established. If the market value of the trust declines or increases with each year, the payments then fluctuate based upon these changes.

Charitable Lead Trust - This is the opposite of a remainder trust. The annual income is distributed to the beneficiary (i.e. Integrative Spirituality the corporate name of Universe Spirit,) during the term or life of the trust. The assets remain in the trust and are eventually transferred to designated beneficiaries. The value of the assets subject to estate and gift taxes are reduced by the present value of the income stream provided to Integrative Spirituality. Also, the taxable value of the lead trust's assets is fixed at the time the trust is established. All subsequent increases in the value of the assets is outside the donor's estate and thus free of gift or estate tax.

These options should be discussed with your tax advisor, attorney and/or estate planner. See our Contribution Guidelines and Safeguards and Tax Guidelines for additional information. Please send us an e-mail at manage@universespirit.org with additional questions and/or to make appropriate arrangements.