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Introduction to Spiral Solutions and the Spiral Consciousness


At Universe Spirit we feel that some of the best of the Spiral Consciousness theory and technology developed over 50 years by professor Claire Graves offers a unique set of powerful tools for understanding and improving consciousness and behavior in both individuals and groups. We often refer to this Graves’ work on the development of human consciousness as the "spiral of life" because the value laden worldviews that the various developing human consciousness perspectives that he has defined have such vast and important effect on all of human life.

Spiral Consciousness theory and technology does offer many exciting, effective tools to a new spirituality created in and for the individual and global challenges of the 21st century and beyond. But one does not have to read, know or believe in Spiral Consciousness theory or applications to be a member of our organization or use our web site. - Back to Top -

The Coupling Of Spiral And Integral Theories

Recently, some elements of spiral consciousness technology have been coupled with integral theory and the integral movement to create a toolset of both theory and practical applications for solving individual, social, and even global challenges that have never existed before. Possibly for the first time in the postmodern age of looming global environmental, political, and social/financial crisis, it creates in its users a realistic and tempered optimism based upon a comprehensive and balanced system for executing sustainable, scalable, and wise solutions that can be applied to any situation. It appears to offer both the spiritual and scientific idealists real, practical, and powerful tools to affect healthy lasting change while still respecting the necessary diversity of worldviews.

To begin learning more about the Spiral Consciousness ideas and movement we recommend that you go here to get a quick overview of the dynamics of this developmental consciousness theory,