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The dictionary definition of integrative is "to make into a whole by bringing all parts together; unify", but because clear definitions are vital to understanding, at Integrative Spirituality we have added to that standard dictionary definition to give it additional precision for our spiritual use:

__Integrative__: the process of assembling everything essential from all of humanity’s spiritual wisdom into an integral system that provides effective, balanced and safe methods for expanding one’s direct personal experiences of the Ever Present Origin of All Reality and for authentic spiritual growth toward achieving spiritual completeness and a balanced living of the virtues.

We provide access all of humanity’s spiritual wisdom for you to chose from and then to integrate into your own personal spirituality because we believe that you already possess the internal means to be your own highest spiritual authority for discerning spiritual truth for your own spiritual path and, that the individual should embrace any spiritual wisdom they find no matter where they find it! (To get more information on how to be your own highest spiritual authority for discerning spiritual truth for your own spiritual path see our spiritual safeguards.)

From this assembled collection of all of humanity’s heritage of spiritual wisdom you are always the final spiritual authority that selects the spiritual wisdom that is appropriate to needs and your unique personal spiritual path.

It is not our intent to create one world religion nor do we believe that such a thing is advisable. We believe that the Ever Present Origin values and delights in the variety of healthy and balanced spiritual/religious diversity. Spiritual diversity serves as a vital communication and teaching tool for the many different personality types, individual psycho-social developmental levels and multitude of cultures. We believe in the critical necessity for many unique spiritual approaches and without this essential diversity, spirituality would be like the sound of an orchestra playing a symphony with only one instrument. It would lack depth, harmony and balance.

We honor the many spiritualities in the world like individual stories and chapters in a book by one great author. To the reader each separate story in the book still retains its own indispensable value and uniqueness and can be appreciated individually, or as a valued component of a compilation of stories that reflect an author's history and the author’s ongoing relationship to their body of work.nike air max 90 epic