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Integral Goddess, the Divine Feminine

At Universe Spirit we believe that the effective implementation of an integrative and integral spirituality will help facilitate the creation of a just, sustainable and equitable world. It will do this in part by affirmatively and actively supporting the recognition, re-assent and resacralization of the Divine Female/Divine Feminine in spiritual practice and life.

A spiritual reconnection to the Divine Feminine will, we believe, then organically grow to support the rebalancing of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine. Once the Divine is envisioned in this way, a more robust, inclusive expression of creativity, joy, peace and love will be possible.

We have dedicated ourselves to doing the work of honoring the Divine Female because She, often also called Goddess or Divine Mother, is currently neglected, suppressed, denied, rejected, marginalized and psychologically repressed throughout much of the world. Her denigration and the ignoring of Her qualities has been the root cause of myriad crises—environmental, spiritual, physical and social—because without a valuing of the Feminine/Female face of the Divine, humanity has in many contexts stripped itself of the potential for wholeness the Divine affords.

By embracing Her, we embrace truly more of ourselves, each other, and our beloved Earth. Embracing Her, we reconnect to the source of embodied wisdom; wisdom that has been denied expression given the tendency toward pathological dualities and patriarchal limitations within so many of humanity’s social structures.

At IS, we hold that a renewed envisioning of the Divine Feminine, replete with all qualities and aspects, will further assist us in realizing paradoxical Oneness—what some see as a triune Godhead with aspects encompassing the transcendent, immanent and evolutionary absolute states of spiritual consciousness. This opening to a fuller acceptance of life’s challenges and the wonders of the Great Mystery is only possible through the healing work of loving what we have disowned. This vital spiritual and psychological shadow work, we hope, will involve and continue to be informed by the women’s spirituality, eco-spirituality and integral movements.

At Universe Spirit you will find many activities and materials that forward the Divine Feminine, women’s spirituality and eco-spirituality.

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