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The Home of Evolutioneers

How We Achieve a Science-Grounded Mission and the Great Transformational Evolutionary Adventure that We all Share

At Universe Spirit, how we achieve our mission is as important as the mission itself: 

1.) We use current science to better understand the objective reality of nature (particularly, the universe's 13.7 billion-year-old evolutionary processes when seen as a whole system.) From these scientific meta-observations of universe evolution, one uncovers the "best sustainability practices" and basic "operating sustainability system" of evolution itself.

We then use these best practices and the evolutionary "operating system" to guide our education about the most effective and practical actions that we all need to take to better align our lives, businesses, and nations with the universe's proven meta-principles for creating sustainable long-term success and prosperity. We educate individuals and organizations about meta-principles of evolution at a whole system and universe scale. We then demonstrate how to apply these meta-principles of universe-scaled evolution to improve the success and sustainability of all smaller sub-systems of life. (Systems such as our personal, social, economic, political, biological, environmental, and even religious systems.)

2.) We use the core meta-principles of evolution (Evolution 2.0,) and its new Universe Evolutionary Worldview to provide the science-grounded foundation with its needed ideological clarity and justifications to underpin the validity of the new ideas, processes, and goals of a decentralized, collaborative, democratized, networked and laterally-scaled new "Third Industrial Revolution" and its vision of Sustainable Prosperity economy of abundance for more of humanity. (Evolution 2.0's new Universe Evolutionary Worldview will help to validate and facilitate the creation of billions of new jobs as the Third Industrial Revolution and the Zero Marginal Cost Society transition comes into being with completely new jobs that do not even exist today.)

3.) We work in the world to forward the Job One for Humanity Climate Plan.

The Job One for Humanity Plan is how to do our individual and collective parts to prepare for, adapt to, and mitigate a potentially irreversible or even possible extinction-level of global warming and its consequent climate destabilization. The currently escalating global warming is due primarily to human fossil fuel burning resulting in massive carbon pollution of the atmosphere and climate destabilization. If we do not resolve this climate destabilization challenge soon, within just a few decades human life and civilization as we know it today will be either radically altered or irreversibly worsened within just a few decades.

"One-half of the US population knows that evolution is a fact of settled science. Yet few of these individuals actually know that the success and sustainability meta-principles of evolution have dynamic, practical, and real power to improve their daily lives and the world. Something has to be done quickly about this."                                                                      --Lawrence Wollersheim

4.) We work to create self-organizing and independent empowered groups, centers, and "Universe Communities" that will actively use and spread the meta-principles, perspectives, and tools of progressive evolution, the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview, and of Sustainable Prosperity.

5.) We support work to help facilitate the wise evolution and enhancement of human cognitive and biological potentials as well as humanity's eventual and necessary exploration and migration out into the stars. We do this by educating on the wise and safe use of new technologies and we even explore the possibilities of evolutionary trans-humanism as a potential future part of the human evolutionary adventure and journey. Finally:

6.) For those individuals of a spiritual nature, there is also an option to self-create a new kind of personalizable Evolution Spirituality (aka Religion 2.0, Evolutionary Spirituality or Universe Spirituality,)  based primarily on evolution and science and best of the world's heritage of life-affirming spiritual wisdom (not dogma or beliefs.)  (Please note: If you are not of a spiritual nature, there are many purely science-grounded areas of our website, mission, and vision that will help you improve your life and conditions in practical ways.)

How We Deliver our Mission Services:

Our educational platform is comprised of our websites and the various classes and events provided online or at Universe Community and Evolution 2.0 (or Evolution Spirituality,) Centers.

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