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How to Immediately Select and Enrol in an Open-Access Universe College Online Course

Immediate Course Enrollment

1.) Select the course you want to participate in by clicking the course name. It is a link on the master course listings page. 

2.) After you click the desired course link, it will take you to a new page where you will click the ‘enroll me’ button. You will now be taken directly into the course where you can start your first reading and assignment. (This enrollment process works for most courses unless other instructions have been given to you elsewhere or in the course description to the right of the course title.)

3.) You can now access the full course. And,

4.) Every time you return to the course you will only need to enter your Universe College registered user's personal username and password in the login form to get back to your courses.  

If you need help, please contact our staff at: manage@universecollege.org

Thanks for choosing Universe College and our online courses!

The Universe College Staff