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Great News! The Unique Breakthrough Accomplishment at Universe Spirit in 2013

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Submitted by Lawrence on
Dear Fellow Evolutionaries and Universe Spirit  Visitors and Members,

There is a unique breakthrough accomplishment to share with you this just before the holiday season: 


1.) In the last 2 weeks we finally completed 11 years of work on describing in detail the principles and practices of Evolution Spirituality --- "the religion of evolution." It was a true breakthrough moment for our organization! 


This new work even has an evolutionary code of ethics and all of the essential missing evolutionary religious elements that were simply not present in the numerous iterations of Ken Wilber's Integral Spirituality, Andrew Cohen's Evolutionary Spirituality or other progressive religions. There are now hundreds of well-integrated and arranged FAQ pages answering over 120 of the most commonly asked questions about this new meta-religion that is based first upon secular evolution science and secondly (for those of a more spiritual nature,) upon the integration of the most life-affirming wisdom from all of humanity's vast spiritual heritage.


2.) In just a few months we will begin actively recruiting self-organizing individuals of a spiritual nature who feel called to become the new co-founders, facilitators, teachers and even ministers of new Evolution Spirituality communities all over the world. (If you have any ideas on how to optimally do this or you want to be involved, please let us know.) 


In closing, I ask you to take a few moments check out the wide scope of the new FAQ section on Evolution Spirituality and also check out our great updated mission. Here is just a hit of what the upgraded new mission looks like:


"We are a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to teaching how the modern principles of evolution can guide and empower more success for every aspect of your life and work within today's economics, the current environmental conditions, today's political landscape and even within religion."



Lawrence Wollersheim

Executive Director

For Universe Spirit, Universe College and The Universe Institute


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Click here to visit our new FAQ that divides the secular and objective science side of our new website from the subjective personal spirituality side.