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Goal Management: Your True Goals, Discovering the Key to Maximum Personal & Spiritual Empowerment


A study at Harvard University reported that only 10% of the population has ever established goals in their minds, and only 3% have put them into writing. The 3% who found their goals AND put them into writing FAR OUT-DISTANCED the other 97% in achieving success.

Contrary to popular myth, it is not the best and brightest who are most successful and fulfilled, but those who clearly define a vision of their true goals and THEN act. These people are so energized that they act with the self-motivated persistence needed to eventually bring their goals into reality.

Goals ARE a reality-changing and life-stabilizing POWER! They are the "seed" and starting point from which all humanly made reality springs. Although they are invisible and can't be heard outside the mind of the thinker, they hold the key to releasing all the personal empowerment needed to sustain self-motivation, attract the necessary assistance, and bring the goal "seed" to fruition.

Most of us have spent more time and been more careful about selecting destinations for our vacations than we have been about selecting and managing our life destinations, even though finding your true goals is one of the most effective, healthy, and empowering actions you will ever take to decide your own future success in life. This is because YOUR true goals are YOUR BEST OPPORTUNITIES FOR SUCCESS!


If you are part of the 97% of the population that has not yet (by yourself) found the time or tools to clearly define your life's true goals this book will help you. In it you will find an easy and effective, complete, step by step way to discover, evaluate and manage your true goals. These discoveries will empower you by:

• Dramatically increasing job and personal productivity.

• Helping you become more successful and actualized by releasing the maximum of that 90% of your potentials that scientists say are seldom used.

• Creating a discouragement-resistant self-motivation and an enhanced problem-solving clarity.

• Teaching you the secret of maximum RELATIONSHIP AND GROUP empowerment.

• Revitalizing your most important failed past goals and turning them into NEW successes.

Helping you to reject or RE-EVALUATE any wrong goals that society, family or others may have enforced upon you, and helping you evaluate the practicality and attainability of your true goals BEFORE you attempt them.

• Showing you how to balance your conflicting goals and create effective action plans for the practical attainment of your true goals.

• And (because you have found and know how to best manage your TRUE GOALS), profoundly enriching the meaning, adventure and enjoyment in your life.

Finding your true goals is so powerful that just the act of clarifying them remarkably reduces indecision, anxiety, conflict and stress. Discovering and managing your true goals can produce the most thrilling, energized and productive period of your life. So energizing are true goals that those around someone who has found them could easily think that the individual had become a human dynamo and had discovered the source of personal renaissance.


Crisis, stress and other difficulties often occur during life's transition periods and natural passages. Each of us must re-evaluate and update old goals, or set new ones to decrease the stress associated with these difficult stages. Anyone who is searching, stopped or stalled in any of the following natural life passages will dramatically benefit from this book:

• Establishing initial life goals (normally during the ages of 18-23)

• Establishing career, marriage, and family goals or starting a business (customarily in the twenties decade)

• Re-evaluating goals during the thirties, when you typically start to discover what you really DO WANT to do as opposed to what you believed you were "supposed to do"

• Re-evaluating goals again during the mid-life crisis (which usually begins for women around 35 and for men 40)

• Re-Evaluating or setting new goals in the retirement passage.

Anyone stopped or stalled in any of the following unpredictable life changes will also benefit:

• The loss of an important relationship as in a divorce, separation, or death

• The discovery that life just isn't working and the resulting need to find a better course

• A readjustment because of a serious accident or illness, or a serious job crisis such as a layoff, demotion, business failure, or transfer

• A recovery from alcohol or drug abuse, or other major behavioral problem

• A sudden job promotion, surprise pregnancy, adoption approval, or other life surprise.

No matter how difficult your situation is or how many times you have had problems or failed in the past, if you are in any of the preceding natural passages or difficult transitions, get started on this workbook right away. By helping you to discover and manage your true goals it will minimize the negatives, maximize the benefits, and help get you quickly back to enjoying life again.

To begin this exciting and amazing personal empowerment workbook click the Online Courses link at the top of the page and select our Discovering Your True Goals Art of Living Course.


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