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The Home of Evolutioneers

General Criteria for Life and Spirit Facilitators and Teachers in the Evolution Spirituality Movement

Teachers and Life and Spirit Facilitators of Evolution Spirituality generally have several of the following qualities below:

  1. live sustainable prosperity and its principles,
  2. teach the ideas of a New Universe Evolutionary Worldview science-grounded spirituality, 
  3. lead and live a spiritual life of authentic good caliber, universality and inclusiveness,
  4. promote the proof and result of an authentic spiritual life is living the virtues in a balanced way and actively doing your fair co-responsible part to co-create a better world,
  5. honor direct spiritual experience of Ultimate Reality,
  6. have moved beyond their own ego needs enough to act where appropriate in community with other Teachers of Universal Spirituality to synergistically help co-create a better world,
  7. help cross-pollinate the most life-affirming spiritual wisdom from all religious traditions to expand the global spiritual commons, (using the collegial processes of open source spirituality.) 
  8. tailor their teaching messages to the personality types, psychological developmental levels, learning styles and cultures of their audiences,
  9. have generally transparent teaching and facilitating styles and are open to sincere critical review by their teaching and facilitating community peers.

Important note: As of 11.11.13 we have modified all of our Life and Spirit Facilitators requirements to better imitate how evolution creates success. We no longer pre-screen or individually test and ordain candidates.

We instead allow any individuals who want to become a Life and Spirit Facilitator to self-organize and self-select themselves into the Life and Spirit Facilitators training program. The best and brightest candidates will self-direct their study of our course materials and then they will self-ordain and begin experimenting, teaching and building in their area. If they have the right stuff and understand the success principles of evolution, they will be successful. If they do not, their experiment will disappear. 

This does not mean we will not be supportive and cooperative in all the ways that we at the founding center can be. It just means that the processes of cooperative and progressive evolution work and we are adapting all of our procedures to align with them.

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