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Evolutionary Transhumanism and AI: What is it and How is it Different from the Other Flavors of Transhumanism

Transhumanism (AI) has been called the "most dangerous idea in human history." We do not think so, but it will take a little reading to understand this unique evolutionary opportunity and its benefits as well as its many important qualifications and safeguards. Here is a great way to start to get that foundation before reading the rest of this page:

1.) Quickly scan the many different flavors of transhumanism as described by Wikipedia in this transhumanism link.

2.) Transhumanism and AI most often involves new technologies like genetic engineering, creating artificial intelligence (AI,) or artificial life forms, cyborgs, clones, biotech, nanotech, advanced robotics, cyberetics, etc. Therefore it is also essential to review our new technologies use qualifications and safeguards listed in our New Technologies Position Paper. Once you have read our New Technologies Position Paper and its detailed qualifications then you are ready to continue reading about the new form of Evolutionary Transhumanism found described on this page...

About Evolutionary Transhumanism

Evolutionary transhumanism is a new and special form and flavor of transhumanism that is distinguished from the other forms and flavors of transhumanism by the following additional qualifications.

Evolutionary Transhumanism aligns itself with:

1.) the principles of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview,

2.) the principles of progressive evolution,

3.) the special qualifications and safeguards listed for New Technology implementations,

and, (if you are of a spiritual nature,)

4.) the wisdom, principles and ethical and moral guidelines of open source, Evolution Spirituality.

Once you have seen Evolutionary Transhumanism from at least the above three alignments you will have a good idea of how Evolutionary Transhumanism is significantly different from the many other forms and flavors of transhumanism existing today. The unique evolutionary transhumanism found on this website is also for the most part, well expressed in the brilliant new book:

Human Purpose and Transhuman Potential: A Cosmic View for our Future Evolution by Ted Chu, PhD. 

We see this book as a motivating and inspirational overview of what it means to embrace the best of evolutionary transhumanism, AI and be a responsible universe citizen. The author also presents the "next generation" specifics on what the "new" concept of conscious or intentional evolution in alignment with evolutionary science looks like.

His vision on the future of technological evolution, transhumanism and humanity's role in transhumanism is well grounded in both history and science and it will stretch the vision of the biggest evolutionists, Evolutioneers, evolutionary thinkers and universe citizens. This book is so good that at Universe Spirit we now recommend that every new member reads this book with the above-listed qualifications as part of their intermediate level education on what evolutionary transhumanism is as well as what it takes to be an authentic universe citizen forwarding evolution on Earth and then out into the universe.)

If you are interested in transhumanist Religion 2.0, click here to explore Religion 2.0 where promoting many of the ideas of transhumanism is one of its many qualities.


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