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Evolutionary Perfection...

While reading Teilhard De Chardin's Book The Future of Man, I had both a visceral realization and an instant cognitive flash that I also believe that Teilhard had during his lifetime. It was --- that the seeming perfection of the evolutionary process is itself an outworking or reflection of a form of prior perfection itself.

I suddenly felt a deep and unshakable belief that evolution just as it is --- is a "divinely" perfect and continuously adaptive and evolving algorithm. The evolutionary process is not just the promise for the eventual good of the whole system sometime in the future. The evolutionary process may also be the dependable realization of the best of our human aspirations.

At that moment, at a sublime spirit, mind and body-embracing level I felt a positive evolutionary confidence in the future based upon the amazing evolutionary process just as it is! It became a completely natural and new form of internalized evolutionary "pro-noia" (a belief that the evolutionary process is "conspiring" to produce and will always produce more complex and progressive forms  in the future,) like I have never felt before.

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Lawrence Wollersheim