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The Home of Evolutioneers

Evolution Spirituality Ceremonies

All Evolution Spirituality ordained Life and Spirit facilitators (the name for our ministers) can perform all of the traditional and interfaith spiritual ceremonies such as weddings funerals, baptisms etc. In addition to both our traditional and interfaith ceremonies and the ceremonies and rituals we create for our special holidays or requests, Evolution Spirituality has unique spiritual ceremonies such as those mentioned below.

(Special Reminder: The Evolution Spirituality as found on this website is an open, personalized and self-created spiritual process. You can always self-select, sequence and use the processes, wisdom and tools that you find in the optimal way that will work best for your current conditions, stage of spiritual development and understanding.)

The Celebration of Life Ceremony

This weekly, bi-weekly or monthly ceremony is a regular gathering of members of the local community on a Saturday night for a healthy potluck meal followed by uplifting artistic performances. Before the meal begins various meditations are done to help bring the highest self present, to enhance one’s connection to the Infinite and to connect to the highest self in all other participants. This ceremony is designed to share the celebration of life though connection and camaraderie with other community members and visitors as well as through the beauty of art and healthy shared food.

Prime Commitment Ceremony

This is one of the most important personal and public spiritual ceremonies in an individual’s life. In this ceremony one publicly declares their highest and most important spiritual intentions and goals to Ultimate Reality, to life and to their local community. This ceremony signifies that a deeper level of individual and community spiritual life has been initiated by the person stating their spiritual intentions and goals.

The Living Together Commitment Ceremony

This ceremony is to support the chosen level of commitment for those couples who chose to live together before or instead of marriage.

World Spirituality Day

World Spirituality Day is an omni-denominational celebration of one’s own most profound and transformational personal spiritual experiences. These experiences are the essence of personal spirituality that lies at the core of all great religions. It occurs each December 31st during the day or eve before the New Year and can be observed anywhere by oneself or with others.

This annual event has as its sole purpose to remind us on this day to review our most profound and transformational personal spiritual experiences and to encourage us to share them with friends. The life transforming wisdom and power from one’s most profound spiritual experiences when remembered can also add an amazing new spirit and vitality to the traditional New Years celebration and resolution making process. For more information on World Spirituality Day, click here.

Spiritual Ceremonies and Services at the San Francisco Center

This schedule will be fairly typical for the year:

  1. The Celebration of our Shared Spiritual Life. This is our form of an artistic regular spiritual service/worship that (depending upon what other special events might be scheduled) usually occurs early Friday, Saturday or Sunday evenings and always ends before 8 pm. Community members meet to share their spiritual successes and challenges, as well as food, usually in the form of a pot luck dinner. There is always the focus on sharing of some form of community member art such as music, comedy, dance, theater, painting or poetry and each service then concludes with a spiritual meditation and gratitude/worship affirmation.
  2. Usually each month on the second Thursday we have a spiritual salon or at times spiritual movies. The salon is a discussion and sometimes audio visual educational presentation of some aspect of spirituality, or the art of spirituality that will help our community members grow spiritually. Each salon has a lead presenter who opens with a 10-20 minute presentation on that month’s topic. The remaining discussion is then open to the questions and comments of the other spiritual salon attendees.
  3. As the need arises for children’s spiritual education in our growing new spiritual community we hope that each month usually on the first or third Thursday, during the late afternoon after school spiritual instruction for children and young adults will take place. These instruction classes can take the form of an art project for both the child and parent to do together which helps reveal an important lesson in living a spiritual life and helps both to heal past wounds and open lines of communication within self and to others.
  4. Weddings, christenings, new member joining ceremonies, events for single members, funerals, seasonal spiritual holidays, spiritual retreats, spiritual art events, music and humor workshops, spiritual education classes, other special events, services and the other services and sacraments of Universe Spirit designed to teach spiritual principles and support a spiritual lifestyle will take place as they arise in our monthly calendar. To see our current monthly calendar, click here.

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