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Evolution Spirituality and Integral Movement Special Disclaimers

Evolution Spirituality has integrated some elements of the emerging new Integral movement into its omni-denominational and open source spiritual principles and organizational design. We feel that the new integral movement appears to offer some significant advantages for the next evolutionary spiritual steps beyond the limitations of the post modern worldview and consciousness.

We also have integrated the best of the principles and processes of this movement (without its worst,) into this Evolution Spirituality because its omni-denominational, integral philosophy structures and principles can help deepen and broaden both the personal direct spiritual experiences of the Ultimate Reality and the social experiences of religion and spirituality. Its inherent multi-perspective processes that both include and transcend the best of all previous religious and secular wisdom in many areas of life is like not quite like anything else that has been previously seen in the evolution of human consciousness, spirituality and previous cultural worldviews (pre-modern, mythic, traditional, modern and postmodern.)

The Integral movement provides a new deeper and broader platform to help resolve the unnecessary conflicts and problems caused by religions of the past. It also provides the deeper, broader more inclusive and transcending platform to help resolve both the religious and secular conflicts and problems that the world faces today.

While Evolution Spirituality uses some of the principles of integral spirituality (as it uses principles from many other philosophic and spiritual areas,) its use of any integral spirituality or integral philosophy principles is not to be construed as an endorsement for any of the individuals or organizations currently promoting or providing integral movement spiritual or secular services. Integrative Spirituality is also not associated with any of the individuals or organizations currently promoting or providing any promoting or providing any integral movement spiritual or secular services.

On one hand, while we see that many integral movement principles offer needed and valuable additional new insights and solutions, we are also becoming concerned about some growing patterns of orthodoxical ideology, marketing hype and potentially destructive cultish and elitist behavior found within a few factions and organizations within the broader global integral movement. While we still do consider ourselves independent general members of the global integral community and integral commons, because of the problems and concerns contained in the previous sentence, our organization always keeps an appropriate legal and organizational identity association distance from other individuals, organizations and factions within the current integral movement.

We strongly advise anyone considering taking services from or joining any integral organization to carefully examine any claims being made and to review the spiritual safeguards section on our website and the warning signs of a destructive cult to be sure that they are not being deceived or going to be harmed by abuse or problems that to some degree effect all new ideological movements.

We also hold that the integral spirituality movement has a self-organizing life of its own with many individuals and organizations continually contributing to its growth. The naturally emerging ideas of the integral spirituality movement, which includes new ideas in integral philosophy and the other integral sciences and humanities is not the sole or trademarked proprietary intellectual property, brand name or private viral marketing plan of any person or organization. It comes from the common evolutionary ideas and vast spiritual heritage of all humanity and this common wealth belongs both to the future and all those who are capable of being its ongoing co-creators.

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