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Effective Steps to Prevent Going off the Climate Cliff of Human-Caused Irreversible or Extinction Level Climate Destabilization

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Submitted by Lawrence on

This list of essential climate re-stabilization steps to prevent humanity having to experience irreversible or extinction level climate destabilization (below,) is called the Job One for Humanity Action Plan because that is what we believe this program of steps has now become. Based on the best current science, systems thinking and dialectical analysis it contains the most effective steps that YOU can do to help prevent, prepare for, lessen and even reverse the escalating catastrophic climate destabilization (aka global warming, climate change,) that we are all now witnessing. Anyone from every walk of life or age group (even teens and the elderly,) can find something on this prioritized list that they can do to contribute to helping achieve climate re-stabilization.

Click here to review and start these critical climate re-stabilization steps!


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