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Direct Spiritual Experience: the Core of Safe, Balanced and Expanding Universe Spirit Practices

If you are at this section of our website you have probably already read enough about Universe Spirit and the personal spirituality movement, the integral worldview, or our organization and you are wondering what's next. Well, if you want to begin to expand your current spiritual life with our free basic introductory course, begin with the Spiritual Practice links below.

Select the section(s) below that most appeal to your interests:

What are Universe Spirit Practices?

Using practical and tangible steps, this section of our web site is focused upon helping you to find or expand your integral personal spirituality by way of direct spiritual experience of Ultimate Reality of All Reality in an all-domains modular approach. We call our version of these steps Universe Spirit Practices.

In a balanced way, these practices address the optimal functioning and growth of one’s spirit, mind and body within nature, our culture and within oneself. These mix and match practices are customizable and modular. You are the one that does the fine tuning, tailoring and sequencing from the various modules and steps so that you create the perfect personal spiritual practice. Eventually we are planning to present and tailor the delivery of this collection of spiritual wisdom and spiritual practices in such a way that individuals of any:

  1. personality type,
  2. learning style,
  3. culture,
  4. psychological or cognitive development level, or
  5. consciousness meme level within any level, wave and stage of consciousness development

can easily access and successfully use this spiritual wisdom to further expand their spiritual understanding, their transformative, direct spiritual experiences of Ultimate Reality and balance their growth towards spiritual, mental, emotional and physical completeness.

Without preference for any denomination, Universe Spirit Practices are derived from the universal spiritual wisdom and practices of all humankind’s spiritual philosophic and scientific efforts. This wisdom and practice is the heritage from our global spiritual commons.

  Universe Spirit Practices encompass and offer answers to questions such as:

  1. Who and what is Ultimate Reality and what are his/her/its purposes?
  2. How is Ultimate Reality realized in our lives?
  3. What is our true origin and essence?
  4. What is our highest purpose and destiny?
  5. What is the purpose and meaning of the universe?
  6. How do we best live our lives with nature and our fellow beings?
  7. What is our spiritual responsibility in co-creating a better world in the here and now?
  8. Is there an afterlife, and if so, how do we prepare for it?

Our omni-denominational integral spiritual community has emerged from the evolutionary process itself as well as the social and scientific consciousness of the post-postmodern Integral Universe Age. Because of the current incompleteness of the integral worldview and the ongoing developments and discoveries of evolution itself, the definitions, processes and principles found on this site and in our organization will evolve and be regularly upgraded based upon new discoveries and the continual cross pollination and reality testing from our peers in the global integral and spiritual commons. The new Universe Worldview is just one of those expansions.

Click here to see the Universe Principles of Life to see another expansion in the integration of scientific knowledge into daily spiritual paractice. 

Therefore, the development of our Universe Spirit Practices as individual courses and modules below is ongoing and many new modules have yet to be added to the following materials

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The Benefits of Universe Spirit Practices to Your Personal Spirituality

Expanding your transformative, direct spiritual experience of Ultimate Reality maximizes your spiritual growth, which in turn empowers you to act more effectively to resolve life’s individual and social problems. When you expand your spiritual experience of Ultimate Reality you can expect to experience what the saints, prophets and mystics have experienced which can be one, several or all of the following:

  1. a visceral experience of Ultimate Reality
  2. experiencing the presence of Ultimate Reality,
  3. a personal connection with Ultimate Reality,
  4. a personal relationship with Ultimate Reality,
  5. union with Ultimate Reality,
  6. a transcendent experience of Ultimate Reality,
  7. personal ecstatic experiences of Ultimate Reality,
  8. knowing more about Ultimate Reality qualities, states, nature and purposes through transformative, direct spiritual experience,
  9. having new cycles of personal renewal and empowerment from these experiences in the form of feeling energized, motivated, inspired and rekindled hope,
  10. finding a presence of Ultimate Reality within oneself (or, even as them,)
  11. ultimate connection with Ultimate Reality, and
  12. the wisdom and empowerment for an expanded living of the virtues in a balanced way.

If you expand your direct spiritual experience of Ultimate Reality, it is not an overstatement to say that your life will improve in a myriad of positive and balanced ways that are so comprehensive and amazing that they are almost unbelievable. Some of those additional improvements are listed below to help motivate you to engage or re-engage in life’s most fundamental and important journey and adventure. You can expect to experience a new and/or expanded sense of:

  • delight,
  • identity,
  • purpose and meaning,
  • autonomy, freedom and dignity,
  • awareness, compassion, empathy and peace,
  • emotional and mental balance
  • physical well being,
  • feeling younger in heart and energy as you paradoxically get older (a major life re-vitalization),
  • personal effectiveness (being able to implement wise and balanced applications of the virtues to resolve life’s problems,)
  • service to life manifesting in life affirming and balanced ways,
  • connection to Ultimate Reality as well as all other life and,
  • interconnectedness within and identification with a dynamic and growing global spiritual community within a new type of networked global spiritual commons.

To have or expand your own transformative, direct spiritual experience of Ultimate Reality is to discover or expand your highest personal identity, destiny and adventure through the progressive knowing, finding, being like and then truly becoming the vessel for the very presence and being/existence of the personal Ultimate Reality. It is in transformative, direct spiritual experience that you find your greatest possible adventure and destiny. It has been accepted since the beginning of our spiritual history as the most effective transformational path that discovers or creates the repleteness of EVERYTHING that exists, does everything worthwhile that should be done, and contains, has and possesses EVERYTHING worthwhile in every Universe that should ever be possessed or shared throughout all of eternity!

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Our Commitment to You

We are dedicated to embodied Universe Spirituality grounded by science that facilitates the unfolding of your natural relationship to Ultimate Reality and encourages doing the work of spirit in the here and now.

We are further committed to the creation of safe spaces of spiritual community the world over in which people can engage, nourish and uncover (discover) their own authentic spirituality using all of humanity’s spiritual wisdom heritage.

We are dedicated to providing an authentic spiritual experience that is transforming, uplifting, vision building and inspiring as well as affirming of your ongoing partnership with Ultimate Reality.

We intend that you will leave our online and offline services with an expanded positive image of yourself as a transcender, --- a transcender which embodies an energized faith that not only empowers your best in the face of life's challenges but also turns them into opportunities!

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