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The Art-of-Living Skills Essential to Successful Evolutionary Living

There are many unique universe evolution grounded art-of-living skills, which are currently taught on this website and at our Universe College. They are derived from The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and its Universe Principles of Sustainability (the core value interests and directionality of the evolutionary universe.) These new core art-of-living skills will create balanced, successful and happy individuals and effective and responsible evolutionary universe citizens not to mention --- a sustainable planet! 

All of the following art-of-living skills can also be found to utilize the principles of three most essential forms of life knowledge described by Plato. (If you are not sure what these are, we highly recommend that you go back and click the last link. It is a fast easy read.)

The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and its Universe Principles of Sustainability naturally imply that additional art-of-living evolutionary skills must be developed by every individual to fully align the unfolding of one’s life to the universe’s progressive evolutionary directionality and its 13.7 billion year old proven success patterns. These new and evolutionary art-of-living skills listed below are often not taught in any comprehensive way in the high schools schools and universities of today, yet they are truly essential to life success.

Many of our schools today teach the skills and knowledge needed to earn a living in some specific field and the following art-of-living skills areas go mostly unattended to unless an individual has progressive and well educated parents.

Our open access Universe College has as its mission to provide all of these missing essential life skills to help evolve civilized, human beings and universe citizens and Universe Evolutionaries.

Some of the following art-of-living skills are secular some are spiritual.  Some of the more spiritual skills are embraced seamlessly and invisibly within the secular skills below.

Perspective and Attitudinal training for Universe Evolutionaries and Universe Citizens:

Being in the oneness of the universe and in ultimate union all within it training. This naturally includes interdependence, interconnection and sharing in relationship training.

Finding hope, encouragement and peace in the truth that…
“known evolutionary progress is the best it's ever been!”

Being delighted in the adventure of everything being in ongoing evolutionary process.

Being delighted that everything evolving for the good of the universe as a whole.

Enjoying existing in a universe filled with energy and matter sharing abundances of every kind. Living in this abundance and sharing it. (Gracefulness, un-attachment, appropriate self-confidence, politeness, acknowledgements and respect and, even patience are some of the many different and legitimate forms of abundance sharing.)

Being secure in knowing that life's truly unpredictable surprises and spontaneities are the necessary uncertainties that will somehow be used by future universe evolution.

Living as a partner with the universe by consciously evolving oneself, ones groups and the universe in alignment with the universe’s proven life-sustaining success patterns found within these Universe principles of life.

Embracing the fact that of living in a learning universe where my life will be as successful, safe and sustainable in direct proportion to how well I have learned to align your (and your groups,) actions to the proven life-sustaining success patterns of the universe’s progressive evolution. 

Community building skills, (part of these skills is learning how to create the optimal dynamic balance between individual freedom and agency needs and community needs and responsibilities.)

Cooperation training,
Creating sustainable group order, harmony and transparency,

How to create and maintain universe-interest aligned group education, management and governance,

Creating robustness, redundancies and reserves in individual parts and unions to insure against rare, very large-impact catastrophic negative consequences from future uncertainties and black swans, (Black swans are unpredictable events with consequences of huge or exponential impacts.)

Celebration and rewards training: Creating both personal and group satisfaction, pleasure and reward acceptance for successful evolutionary living,

The essential secular art-of-living life skills necessary to being a successful human and effective evolutionary universe citizen being are: 

Potentiality release training, (Here one learns the state of the art research in developmental psychology so that one understands just what the possibilities and limits are for releasing full human potential in a human being really means.)

Creativity training, (The universe is the most constantly creative thing in existence.)

Present tense awareness training including discriminating feedback observation while in the present, (This awareness increasing starts with sensing awareness of physical universe then expanding to self-awareness then expands to awareness of other as selves, which then expands to awareness of the greater universe and eventually toward awareness of Ultimate Reality.)

Acknowledgment and acceptance training for the practice of consciously aware nonresistance to the ever-changing unfolding “isnesses” of life, (The ever-unfolding universe “just is.” There are NO intrinsic deficiencies.)

Rational/analytical thinking, and the new dialectical meta-systemic thinking for complex systems, which creates better future prediction and future modeling and creates optimally informed decision making training,

Self-organization training,
Self-discipline and stress management training,

Personal responsibility training,

Adaptability training,

Basic interpersonal communication skills,

Personal and group conflict resolution, mediation, arbitration and negotiation skills,

The appropriate learning, knowledge and skills to help a person find fair, meaningful and “Right Livelihood” sustainable productivity exchanges with the community and world,
Personal Productivity training, time management and sustainability-aligned financial management,

Fair exchange determination skills,

Personal Centering skills for managing complexity and finding a stabilizing simplicity in today’s increasing speed of change, complexity and novelty.

Completion training: learning how to recognize when anything was done and let go of it
and then, to recycled whatever could be recycled and then, to be able to move on!

This art of living skill lists above assume that the individual will be learning or has learned current universe evolutionary science. The above art-of-living skills will empower realistic hope based upon the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview, its more effective tools and its new lifestyle and livelihood models for creating a more sustainable and meaningful future for all.

(Special Note: All of the above art-of-living skills can be found within and are used within the three essential forms of knowledge. In our Universe College courses all of the above skills will eventually be taught from the best solutions to these areas currently existing and then upgraded and aligned with the Universe Principles of Sustainability and the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview.)

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