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Conservatives deny global warming. But, progressives deny how bad it's really going to get and how fast it's coming!

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Submitted by Lawrence on

It's not just conservatives denying the facts about global warming. Almost ALL progressives either... 

deny or are wildly ignorant of just how bad global warming will get and how soon that will happen.

Most progressives are unaware that the very worst extinction-level consequences of global warming will come long before 2100. They also are generally unaware that long before 2050, we will be experiencing massive global warming-related collapses in our food growing systems as well as collapses within our global economic, ecological and political systems.

This denial and/or ignorance among progressives concerning the actual coming global warming consequences and timetables is because:

a. Progressives in general, hate really bad news and unfortunately, they have developed many wonderful distorting denial mechanisms like the one hundred monkey theory, the butterfly effect, the silver bullet, aliens will save us, new technology will save us and other near magical longshot solutions to maintain either a disproportionate or inappropriate optimism or, to believe everything is okay and will get better even, when it won't.

b. Only a few courageous climate scientists and nonprofit organizations with very limited media access are bravely and loudly ringing the alarm bell about the real consequences and timetables.

To discover what almost all progressives either deny or are ignorant about concerning the real consequences and timetables of the coming global warming catastrophes, go to this page. 

This page explains what the real and near-term global warming future (5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 50 years from now,) will be like for progressives and conservatives alike.

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