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Century of Women: The 21st Century has been Declared the Century of Women by Non-Profit Organization

It's official! On December 10, 2009 the 21st century was officially declared "The Century of Women." This new Century of Women designation is designed to focus attention and resources upon improving the conditions of women all over the planet through education and rights empowerment activities. 

Having the entire 21st century being dedicated to the advancement of women could not come at a more needed or advantageous time.  Achieving the women's educational and rights empowerment goals as set out in the vision for the Century of Women is vital because not only is this fairness for women (who constitute over 1/2 of the planet's population,) long overdue, it also is a practical, proven and major way to help solve the current environmental crisis as well as many other of our social problems such as overpopulation social injustice etc. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that educated women who know and exercise their equal rights help create a healthier long term balance and sustainable quality of life within their families and communities and therefore immediately improve the sustainability and quality of life conditions of life for more of the world’s population.

The Century of Women Goals Are:

1.) the full empowerment of all women (full and equal education, equal legal rights and, equal access and fairness in economic and financial power areas, and

2.) the recognition and expansion of women's equal and indispensable partnership with men essential to creating a lasting and sustainable prosperity for all. (It is unrealistic and impractical to think that post-modern society can go back to matriarchal dominant social and political structures of the past or that our current patriarchal dominant social and political structures of the present are working [as evidenced by the many global crisis we now face.] Only by creating a new true and fair balance and partnership between men and women as true equals within a Universe Evolutionary Worldview is there realistic and practical hope that civilization will continue to be sustained for generations to come.)

The Century of Women goals seek to establish conditions that have unfortunately never existed before in human history and to remedy conditions that have for too long been drastically out of balance. Unfortunately, it will take at least a century of a globally coordinated massive effort and focus by both genders of individuals, governments and non-profit and for profit organizations alike to achieve these goals for the greatest majority of the world's women. 

In support of the Century of Women and its goals, Universe Spirit (the originator of the Century of Women vision,) invites women's groups, nonprofit groups, religions, corporations, governments and interested individuals all over the planet to actively co-sponsor and co-promote the Century of Women awareness and goals within their own Century of Women events and projects. Our sustained global co-sponsorship, co-promotion and co-creative work in improving of the conditions of women throughout the 21st century will result not only in our planetary civilization becoming far more balanced and fair, but also more prosperously sustainable on all levels of life.

For more understanding and information about women's indispensable and equal partnership with men critical for success the 21st century and beyond, we strongly recommend the book, Wakening the Global Heart by Anodea Judith.

For more information about the non-profit Universe Spirit organization that has created the Century of Women vision click here.

(Use of Century of Women" name: The name "Century of Women" name may be used without the permission of our organization by all to co-sponsor and co-promote the Century of Women awareness and goals within their own Century of Women events and projects. When using it referencing us as originator or the Century of Women vision would be deeply appreciated, but it is not required.

Although commercial for-profit organizations may co-sponsor and co-promote Century of Women non-profit education and empowerment activities, the "Century of Women" name may not be used for any for-profit commercial purposes or direct product identification or endorsements.  Please see the Creative Commons copyright license on this website for more use of name and copyright information regarding the Century of Women name and vision.) 

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