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Are You in Harmony with Evolution's Most Basic Cycle for Life Success?

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Submitted by Lawrence on

Evolution's most basic cycle for life success is:

a.) experiment,

b.) become aware of the feedback from that experiment as quickly and as fully as possible and then, 

c.) wisely adapt and improve your experiment based upon that feedback.

It is just that simple! People or groups who do this faster and better than other people or groups just do better in life.

It is not about worrying about not making mistakes. It is about learning as fast as possible from those mistaken experiments that you will inevitable have.

So now it is up to you. Is your life in harmony with this most basic evolutionary wisdom? Where are you strongest? Where are you weakest?
What can you do to today in some area of your life to come into better harmony with evolution's most basic cycle for life success? Let us know how it goes once you better apply this core evolutionary truth to your current life challenges...
If you want to go beyond just this simple statement of evolutionary success basics and get all of the core evolutionary principles and formula for success, click here.
Far beyond the traditional belief and philosophical systems that exist today, the core science-grounded principles of evolution will better guide and empower your life. They are simply far more capable of delivering more success and meaning across much greater scales of space and time." Lawrence Wollersheim

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