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An Evolutionary Worldview: How a Quick Summary of the Current Science on the Universe’s Deep Evolutionary Patterns and Directionality Can Improve Your Your Daily Success, Spiritual Practice, & Even Help Evolve Religious Tolerance


The almost 14 billion-year-old (deep time,) universe as a whole is the prime and master system for all existence and all sub-systems of the universe. The universe is also the largest, most successfully and deep time proven (almost 14 billion years,) system for creating and maintaining existence and life. And, from what current science is telling us the universe does have deep recurring patterns (laws,) and directionality. 

If the above is true it follows logically that the universe's science-proven near 14 billion year old deep success patterns/laws and inherent directionality should be the prime success model for successful living on all levels. This then implies that to either sustainably survive and/or thrive any and all subsystems of the master universe system must seek to continuously align themselves with the proven deepest patterns/laws and directionality of the master universe in order to go with the unstoppable power flow of the most successful controlling master system that has ever existed.

By studying all of the latest science on the master universe's deepest reoccurring patterns/laws, as well as the directionality of the universe, a rational new, more effective model emerges for creating high probabilities of success in any of the universe's many organic, biological or cultural subsystems --- subsystems such as within your personal, family, career, social, spiritual or political life or, within the environmental, corporate, economic and other planetary sub-systems. This model is called the Universe Evolutionary Worldview or the evolutionary worldview.

If you think about the physical universe as largest and best possible map containing descriptions of all locations and destinations as well as the best way to get to those destinations, you would have a good idea of why having a rational, current and comprehensive understanding of the science on the master universe system is so important in navigating a course through the smaller sub-system maps of our individual lives. But, just what are these current science-proven universe deep patterns and just what is the core direction or goal that the universe is evolving itself toward? Is this not something we must be intimately familiar with to wisely adjust and align our personal goals and actions if for no other reason then we are all embedded in this living, moving master universe system. 

A One Page Summary of the Current Science on the Universe's Deepest Reoccurring "Success" Patterns and Developmental Directionality

The current science on the universe's deepest reoccurring success patterns and developmental directionality is as follows:

1.) The universe is creatively and spontaneously manifesting itself in the form of increasing novelty and diversity. This creates both more new things and more diverse things. This naturally creates a universe in which there is continuous change and newness.


2.) All things in the universe require energy in some semi-continuous form to either maintain themselves as they are or, to evolve and grow or, to reproduce themselves. All things appear to obtain this needed semi-continuous energy resource from the creation of some form of dynamic energy exchange or dynamic equilibrium with their environment.


3.) When this continuously increasing novelty and diversity of new things reaches the end of its usable energy resources and/or available space to expand into, the collection of novel and diverse new things then turns in upon itself in a process of compression and centralization. It does this simply because there is no more resources to use to maintained, grow or create more things or, there is no more space for more of the same things to exist within.


4.) In this important compression and centralization process there is a naturally created tension and dissonance (because of the consequent heat and pressure that is produced when things are compressed,) which acts to motivate, stimulate, impel or necessitate the stressed and compressed novel and diverse individual parts toward creating an entirely new level of integration, organization, complexity and cooperative harmony to survive in the newly limited or changed environment.  This new integration, organization, complexity and cooperation of diverse parts solving the challenge of their resource or space compression then creates a new type of whole thing and/or dynamic union (equilibrium,) with some new qualities and characteristics that did not exist before. It is through the heat and pressure process of compression and centralization that wonderful new, more complex adaptations (things and/or dynamic unions,) are fostered.  


5.) If this new thing or dynamic union is better suited to the actual environment in which it finds itself, it also naturally births or evolves a new level of complexity and/or increased intelligence that now holds this potentially a greater adaptability and/or sustainability. Also this new thing or dynamic union, which was previously composed of the novel and diverse parts, most often now also transcends (has new qualities and characteristics that did not exist in the parts before,) yet still includes many of the best qualities of the individual novel parts from which it was born or made. If this new thing or dynamic union is not better suited to the environment, this new thing and/or dynamic union will most likely be eventually broken down (not survive,) and be recycled as a new resource for the creation of new novelty and diversity.


In the amazing and universe-perfected and emergent perfect process of compression and centralization, the dynamic forces of novelty and diversity are integrated with a possible limitless number of potentially dissonant (competing,) dynamic forces in a complex new dynamic of relationship. This compression process seeks to integrate, organize and harmonize all of the dissonant and non-dissonant dynamic forces. If successful, this process will eventually use many of the dissonant and non-dissonant dynamic forces to sustain and forward the new thing or dynamic union or, to eventually break down all stubbornly non-adaptive or currently unusable elements to be reused elsewhere to forward the universe's evolutionary directionality. In this stage of the evolution process, the universe creates more new things and more new dynamic unions from all of its old novelty and diversity through the creative process of compression (tension, heat and pressure) in the process of centralization, which creates new, more environmentally suitable, complex, intelligent and sustainable adaptations.


6.) It appears that the universe's core evolutionary directionality and “favor” is toward growth, learning (increased intelligence,) and creating or growing more complex new things and more and larger dynamic unions that are more novel, diverse, integrated, organized, cooperative, harmonious, complex, adaptive, sustainable, creative and intelligent.  When viewed even closer, it appears that the finer directionality in the area of increasing intelligence and more intelligent matter is moving toward an even greater more complex self reflective awareness and creativity and therefore, greater control over the environment that it is present within. When intelligence and self reflection is viewed at an even finer level of magnification and inspection, it appears that the universe is creating more things and more and larger dynamic unions of things that are so creative, intelligent, complex and self reflective that they can be both self reflective AND simultaneously be aware of the universe itself as a living thing and a "totality" in which they are embedded as a living aware part. It appears that, through its own near 14 billion year evolution process, the universe is ultimately seeking to become more self reflective and self aware of itself through the substance of its own novel and diverse parts and the dynamic unions of parts. 


7.) The re-occurring deep pattern evolutionary processes and directionalities mentioned in items one through six above are going on continuously and simultaneously at all simple and complex levels of universe life and existence. 

Unless an individual understands the master universe's deepest reoccurring success patterns, processes and directionality mentioned above and then aligns their activities in every area of life with them, their lives will most probably be considerably less sustainable and they will most likely thrive considerably less. As Tielhard De Chardin said, " The universe is the curvature, which all lines must conform."

A Real Life Example 

It may be helpful to look at a very real life example of how a few of the universe deep patterns and knowledge of its directionality can be applied to daily life and why they are so important in determining success or failure.  Let's take for example, a difficult divorce involving 3 young children from a woman's perspective.

The woman of our example has finally moved out on her own. She was a full time wife for 18 years and gave up her full time job to have children while her husband worked full time. She left the relationship because she and her husband grew apart. She continued with her life studies and reading he did not.  

Since moving out she has patiently and gently repeatedly tried to enter into a non-adversarial mediation with her ex-husband to try to deal with the issues of custody and visitation for the three children, child support, division of their assets and liabilities and most importantly, how to work together as good co-parents for the future benefit of the children.  The problem is that her ex-husband is very angry because his wife left him after 18 years. He is now acting out that anger to punish her by being uncompromisingly unilateral and non-cooperative on every issue that she has patiently tried to resolve with him.  

The husband is so angry that he intentionally did not give her any money to survive when she moved out. He then seized most of their marital assets and is disposing them as he likes. He has vowed to destroy his ex-wife and take the children away from her, because in part he believes that she deserves it and it is the one thing that he can do to still punish or control her.

But, what exactly can the universe's deep patterns teach this woman and eventually him about what should happen next?

First of all, the woman might find some initial consolation in the thought that the breakdown in their relationship may have come because as a couple they violated one or more of the deep pattern principles such as at the minimum continuing to provide adequate growing space for each other (either physically, emotionally or spiritually. By violating this deep pattern they failed to continue to allow for new novelty into their relationship both as individuals and together as a union. 

It is also likely that appropriate and dynamically balanced marital exchange between them had also fallen by the wayside.  Then somewhere in their relationship when the normal and natural signs of compression and centralization began to show up and their relationship felt pressure and heat building, instead of learning more about what was going on by listening to each other better and/or getting any outside help they may have needed (in order to be more intelligent about the situation and thereby create a better integration, order and harmony between them as the deep success patterns point to,) they may have gone into denial or escape.  (When she asked him to go to couples therapy at the point when they were having problems he refused.) Because they then did not use the intelligence and adaptability enhancing natural compression and centralization process to continue growing together as a couple, they eventually became unsustainable as a couple and separated.

The man in this example also has failed to adapt to the now-changed environment of his new separation. He still allows his personal anger and disappointment to hinder the creation of a new kind of union between he and his wife as separated co-parents jointly and wisely raising their three young children.

On the other hand, the woman in our example is committed to using her knowledge of the deep patterns and directionality of the universe to evolve and forward the lives of herself and her children. To do so she first reaches out to a new larger dynamic union by using the laws of the larger community in which she lives to create and enforce new agreements with her intractable husband through the impartial divorce court process thus creating the new space, agreements and resources that she and her children need. 

She is also using the larger community dynamic union and its laws to eventually create a new dynamic union with her husband as co-parents. In this case, the laws of the greater community and dynamic union will through their influence literally force some level of order, integration and harmony (intelligent adaptability,) into the behavior between the two parents for the ongoing good of the children. 

It may even turn out that through the divorce process and the self reflection and new learning often caused by the enforced confrontation of a public courtroom, the angry husband may even come to realize what he is done and voluntarily change his unilateral punishment and non-cooperative ways. At some point he may also be willingly enter into a new form of co-parenting dynamic union with his ex-wife so that the kids may better survive and thrive.

After the courts have issued their judgment, if he does not learn and adapt and continues to behave in a non-cooperative or destructive way towards his ex-wife and children's well being and/or he refuses to participate in relationship the with other larger dynamic unions (the community and its laws,) that have influence over his well-being, he may be broken down and recycled in the form of fines or arrest and imprisonment until he learns, adapts and becomes more self reflective about his behaviors. 

In the above example, one party has chosen to ignore the deep patterns of the universe while the other embraces them.  The quality, sustainability and thrive-ability of both their lives is radically affected by how they align their lives and activities with the unstoppable flow of the Universe deep patterns. How well we align or misalign our lives to these deep patters radically effects whole constellations of our various behaviors as well as the results of those behaviors. Good alignment or re-alignment with these deep patterns will often produce very large scale, expeditious improvements because they are the core success patterns of life itself!

What does the master universe's proven deepest re-occurring patterns and its core developmental directionality mean to the practical issues and success of my life right now? 

The following are a few key deep pattern and universe life directionality questions that you can ask yourself  to see how well you're currently doing in aligning your life with the success laws and unstoppable empowerment and sustainability flow of the universe. These questions are not as much exact questions about some specific trouble area of your life as much as they are the important questions that will reveal to you the underlying condition of the deepest behavior patterns of your current life and how they align with the unstoppable empowerment flow of the master universe system. From these questions you will soon see that you are either more in alignment with the universe empowerment flow than you thought or you are more out of alignment with it than you ever imagined.

Instructions: After each question below rate yourself on a 1 to 10 level with 10 being the best and 1 being the worst. 

How am I honoring the creativity and spontaneity of life's novelty and diversity in my life?


How am I integrating creativity and spontaneity to create new things in my life?


How am I accepting, managing and flowing with the continuous life change and evolution around me, (which is natural and inherent in the universe of increasing novelty and diversity?)


How am I dynamically exchanging some form of energy (in appropriate and balanced ways,) with each and every individual, group or organization (dynamic union,) from which I receive energy? (This is an extremely important area to have in an appropriate balance.  If this area is inappropriate or out of balance, it is the source of all types of significant and endless energy related life problems. It is a major cause of stalled life success.)(In addition to physical space problems, space problems can be problems in too much or too little of psychological, emotional or spiritual space as well.) 


How am I accepting and using the natural compression, dissonance and tension as well as the heat and pressure that occurs whenever I run into resource or space problem?Am I recognizing that I am being signaled by life's dissonance or contractions/compressions that I need to learn, grow and/or adapt?


Do I treat the heat, pressure, dissonance and tension of the naturally centralizing compressions and contractions of life as natural, something to be avoided and/or, as a critical signal and naturally designed motivational energy to help me to find ways to be more cooperative, organized, integrating and increase my learning so that I may become more sustainable, intelligent and adaptive concerning the current environment?


Am I creating new dynamic unions and/or am I becoming part of more and larger dynamic unions?(This is a subtle growth deep pattern.  The universe is moving towards more and larger dynamic unions that are more sustainable, complex, intelligent and adaptive.  These unions are also evolving to become more self reflective, and universe reflective.  Am I expanding and growing in this critical way so that it too will support and enhance my practical life success?


How am I personally transcending and growing in these new better adaptive dynamic unions?

(How an I Acquiring new qualities and characteristics.)


How am I still including the best of my previous life and experience in these new and better adaptive dynamic unions?


How am I breaking down or letting go of non-adaptive behaviors and things so that they may be recycled into new things and, more life and universe aligned things may appear? 

How am I accepting and managing the continuous increase in evolutionary complexity, which is natural and inherent in the universe evolutionary life process?


How well am I accepting and managing the fact that if I accept and work with them, all dissonant (competing,) dynamic forces (that can often look like life stresses,) are and will be used by the adaptive evolutionary process to either forward both the universe's and my core life direction or, they will be recycled to create new things ?


How well am I continuing to learn in a learning universe to become more intelligent?  


How well am I becoming more self-reflective?


How well am I becoming aware of the directions and patterns of the universe and how my life as a subsystem of the master universe system must align with the unstoppable flow power of these things to be more successful? 

How well am I becoming more reflective of the universe becoming more aware of itself in and through me and though my increasing awareness of the master universe?


Like the universe, does my life also favor the manifestation of growth and the deep patterns and universe directionality in my relationships?


Am I enjoying the adventure ride of the universe doing what it does and repeats naturally?(If not, what would I have to do to begin enjoying the adventure of this amazing process of universe evolution.)


Do I realize that to a significant degree all social laws and religious morality for both the individual as well as the collective are trying to reflect, honor and imitate the success and truth probabilities contained within the primal deep patterns and directionality of the universe?


What can this realization mean to my secular and spiritual life today?

After you have 1-10 rated all of the above questions, go back and note down specific examples of your life problem areas that you want to address as well as any new solutions that you might think of based on your new understanding of the deep success patterns and directionality of the universe.  You can also use these questions at a later time to review your life improvement progress using these principles. 

Would you like to start practicing a short concise form of the Universe Principles of Sustainability derived from the universe's deep patterns and most reoccurring success actions?  

Then click here!

Evolution Spirituality: How the Universe's Deep Patterns and Core Developmental Directionality can Help to Create a Universalized Evolution Based Spirituality and Evolve Greater Religious Tolerance

Is there a natural evolution spirituality --- an original evolution spirituality and religion which does or should naturally and inherently inform the spiritual qualities and vision of the nature and purposes (directionality,) of life as well as its deep pattern laws for all religions? Did every great religious teacher or spiritual mystic look at as much of the master universe's subsystems as their technological era and scope of personal vision could allow and then they form some kind of fundamental vision or premise of what the universe was from that partial sub-system perspective? Where they not sincerely seeking the answers from the best means they had available at the time for how their sub-system partial vision of the master universe reflected the nature and laws of what came before the master universe? 

But, just what is what could be called evolution spirituality? It appears that the universe's core evolutionary directionality and “favor” is toward growth, learning and creating or growing more new things and more and larger dynamic unions that are more novel, diverse, integrated, organized, cooperative, harmonious, complex, adaptive, sustainable, creative and intelligent.  When viewed closer, it appears that the finer directionality in the area of intelligence is moving and evolving toward greater self reflective awareness, creativity and control over the environment that it is present within.

When intelligence and self reflection is viewed at an even finer level of magnification and inspection, it appears that the universe is creating more things and more and larger dynamic unions of things (unity,) that are so creative, intelligent and self reflective that they can be both self reflective AND simultaneously be aware of the universe itself as a living thing and as a totality in which they are embedded. It appears that, through its own near 14 billion year evolution process, the universe is seeking to become more self reflective and self aware of itself through the substance of its own novel and diverse parts and dynamic unions of parts.

When you look back over this list of science-discovered universe probabilities, isn't much of it just a list of the virtues in different terms as well as a new science-affirmed mystical statement of the Universe Ultimate Reality or Absolute Being in everything, living as everything and evolving everything into harmony, unity and awareness of itself? 

The integral spiritual practitioner as well as a person of any faith can use the universe perspective questions listed above and very quickly see at a deep life pattern level were their lives are in alignment with our greatest spiritual wisdom as well as the science-proven probabilities of the universe deep patterns and universe directionality. It is the ideal union of both the subjective and objective for greater life strength and balance! It is the new integral Evolution Spirituality!

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