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The 5,000 Year Reduce, Recycle and Reuse Sustainability Principle: Why We Need to Reduce, Recycle and Reuse Far More NOW!

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Submitted by Lawrence on

There are three basic and powerful reasons for paying attention to the expanded and updated 5,000 Year Reduce, Recycle and Reuse Sustainability Principle.

First, there is the finiteness of Earth's resources factor. According to our scientists, everything that everyone will need who will ever live on Earth over the next 5,000 years will have to be found primarily and only on Earth itself.

This is because moving to live on the closest possible potentially inhabitable planet with the needed resources for human life would take a space fight of 5,000 years, but ONLY --- if we could increase the speed of current space fight by 100 times! Bringing all of the resources that we will need back to Earth from closer uninhabitable planets would be both technically and economically unfeasible in the massive quantities that we will need to replace key depleted resources.

This problem does not even consider the greater problem that the human body, which has evolved slowly over the last few million years is not adapted to even short periods in space without all kinds of health problems. Preserving human life as it exists today in space over a 5,000 year time span if not feasible for many reasons including humans have never made any mechanism that could last extended periods of time without extensive maintenance and replacement.

Secondly, there is the law of diminishing returns. This law states that in all productive processes, adding more of one factor of production, while holding all others constant, will at some point yield lower per-unit returns. Finding, extracting, manufacturing and distributing resources is an activity that is also strongly subject to this near immutable law. For a variety of reasons this means it will take more and more energy to maintain any current resource level in a population. In order counter needing ever more energy to maintain just that status quo we need become more efficient with the energy that we do use and/or we have to reduce the energy that we do use as in the reduce, recycle and reuse strategy. This problem also soes not take into account that population is not stagnant at some status quo it is constantly rising so our energy and resource needs are actually rising with population growth.

Thirdly, there is peak oil challenge (running out of oil sooner than we think.) The reaching of peak oil brings many transportation, agriculture, pharmaceutical and other major resource depletion changes and unhappy surprises in the near future. Peak oil is also a great example of the law of diminishing returns at work. Oil is just one of the many resource areas that will be effected by the law of diminishing returns. If you are not quite sure why the looming peak oil challenge is so scary, click here

Lets face it, Earth with its current limited resources (and particularly oil,) is all we have to realistically live upon for the current and growing population for the next 5,000 years. There is also a major long term reason why we simply have to reduce, recycle and reuse on a global scale or perish as a species!

This means that we must begin to wisely use and preserve our planetary resources now!

To learn more about the new ideas of Sustainable Prosperity (aka sustainable consumerism,) which is where the 5,000 Year Sustainability Principle came from and how to preserve our resources, click here.

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