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Evolution, Religion 2.0, Climate Crisis

Welcome to the Universe Spirit Website and Our Community of Evolutioneers and Universe Citizens

What We Do, (Our Mission)

Universe Spirit is a nonprofit organization dedicated to:

1.) educating individuals and organizations about the science and meta-principles of universe evolution and,

2.) direct and practical application of these meta-principles of evolution to improve the success and sustainability of all life.

Our organization forwards this critical mission because evolution within the universe is:

a.) science's greatest discovery,

b.) the most trial-and-error tested, time-proven success and sustainability system that has ever existed,

c.) the best documented "theory of everything" that currently exists. And because,

d.) the meta-principles of universe evolution are also our best keys to personal success in practical and sustainable ways. (Additionally, these same meta-principles of evolution are fully capable of dramatically evolving and enhancing our economy, society, political systems, the environment and if you are of a spiritual nature, even upgrading our current Religion 1.0 spiritual practices to Religion 2.0.)

How We Achieve Our (r)Evolutionary Mission

1.) We use current science to better understand the objective reality of nature (specifically, the universe's 13.7 billion year old evolutionary processes.) From these scientific meta-observations of of evolution in the universe one uncovers the "best practices" and "operating system" of evolution itself. We then use these best practices and the "operating system" of evolution to educate about the most effective and practical actions that we all need to take to better align our lives, businesses and nations with the universe's proven principles for creating sustainable long-term success.

"One half of the US population knows that evolution is a fact of settled science. Yet few of these individuals actually know that the success and sustainability meta-principles of evolution have dynamic practical power to improve their daily lives and the world. Something has to be done quickly about this great evolution meta-principle understanding and use disconnect. " Lawrence Wollersheim

2.) We work in the world to forward the Job One for Humanity Climate Re-stabilization Plan. (The Job One for Humanity Plan is how to do our individual and collective parts to prepare for and mitigate a potentially irreversible or even possible extinction-level of global warming. The escalating global warming currently occurring is due primarily to human fossil fuel burning resulting in massive carbon pollution of the atmosphere and climate destabilization. If we do not solve this climate destabilization challenge soon, within just decades human life and civilization as we know it will be either radically or irreversibly worsened for most of the population.

3.) For those individuals of a spirituality nature, there is also a self-created, personal spirituality option that is also based on evolution and science and the world's heritage of spiritual wisdom. We call his new science-grounded and open source form of , personal spirituality --- the new Religion 2.0 or Evolution Spirituality. (If you are not of a spiritual nature, there are many purely science-grounded areas of our website, mission and vision that will help you improve your life and conditions in practical ways.) And,

4.) We work to create self-organizing and independent "universe communities" that will actively use and spread the  meta-principles, perspectives and tools of progressive evolution, the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and Sustainable Prosperity.

How We deliver our Mission Services

Our educational platform is comprised of our websites, online courses at our Universe College and the various workshops and events given at our San Francisco center or or at other independent Universe Centers.

About Our Diverse and Global Universe Community

The greater Universe Community includes discerning individuals who are honestly facing the amplifying and converging mega-challenges of our modern globalized society. They are often individuals who are concerned not only about their own personal daily success, but also about how current threatening global economic, political, social and ecological conditions are challenging their and their children's hopes for a better life and a safe future.

They sometimes describe themselves by the new terms of Evolutioneers or Universe Citizens. They also often call themselves by other names such as evolutionists, evolutionaries, sustainability advocates, planetary citizens, scientists, cosmists, futurists, evolutionary transhumanists, artists, change agents, progressive business people, cultural creatives, spiritual progressives, eco-spirituality advocates, education and social pioneers, agnostics, atheists, humanists or members of the Millennial, Integral, Evolver or Wayseer movements.

All You Need to Do Now Is:

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b.) then click the What is Next link just below to continue exploring the new information found on this website.

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More about the Exciting and Breakthrough Universe Evolutionary Worldview Which Informs Our Mission...

Our organization also educates about a new science-derived worldview based on the principles of progressive evolution when viewed from a universe scale. It is called the Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

This exciting new worldview both locates and embeds each of our individual lives and the Earth's whole evolutionary process and history within the vastly "bigger picture" evolutionary realities and objectives of the whole universe's ongoing history and progressive evolutionary process. What makes this new universe evolution-based worldview vitally important to your life is the fact that its success and sustainability principles for progressive evolution have been thoroughly success-tested over 13.7 billion years of evolutionary progress. 

Today's scientific principles of evolution when also seen from the whole scale of universe history reflect an objective, accurate and comprehensive overview of the most successful qualities and processes of nature (evolution in the universe,) for thriving and sustaining life and living groupings within the universe.

"When applied to your life, the science-grounded principles of universe evolution will guide and empower you into more sustainable success and personal meaning across greater scales of time and space --- far beyond any other belief or philosophical system existing today! When modern evolution principles are eventually applied to every area of our society they will bring about the greatest leap forward in the maturity of our civilization in all of human history.

By becoming informed about evolution's principles you have the opportunity to become a effective partner and essential co-creator of the greatest adventure epic of all time --- the progressive evolution of intelligent, self-conscious life both here on Earth and then out into the universe."  Lawrence Wollersheim

If you are curious about the new vision of practical hope that the Universe Evolutionary Worldview, its evolutionary principles like sustainable prosperity or what understanding universe citizenship can offer to your personal life, community and nation, click the Subscribe/Join link at the top of this web page.

What is Next to Explore, Click Here!


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