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Spirit, Evolution & Eco-Community

Welcome to Universe Spirit and our Universe Community

Our Mission:

Universe Spirit is a nonprofit organization with a new vision for a sustainable and thriving future.

Using science, our mission's actions are to help avoid the worst consequences of the escalating global warming emergency by:

1. Resolving humanity's most pressing global challenge, irreversible global warming and the probable extinction of as much as 70-90 percent of humanity in as little as the next 30 to 50 years due to --- crossing more global warming tipping points.

For the precise definition of irreversible global warming, click here.

For why we must act immediately, see the new Climageddon book.

For what we must do to save ourselves, see the Job One for Humanity plan action steps.)

2. Providing accurate facts and strategies to the global warming educational movement to help:

a.) adjust its no longer deadline-appropriate strategies,

b.) prepare for an escalating global warming future of ever-worsening catastrophes and,

c.) avoid the later extinction level phases of the Climageddon Scenario.  

3. Creating self-organizing and independent, sustainable new eco-communities in global warming-safe locations that are well-prepared to survive the inevitable onslaught of irreversible warming catastrophes that we will not be able to stop no matter what we do at this point. (See the Universe Community sections of this website for all the information you will need to do to create your own self-organizing and independent local eco-community.)

4.) creating lifestyles and livelihoods of Sustainable Prosperity while resolving this emergency, which will in turn help create a sustainable and prosperous future for all. (See the Sustainable Prosperity section of this website for details.)

A Little Necessary Bad News Balanced by the Good News of a "Big Picture" Evolutionary Perspective:

We are practical about the urgency of our mission. To be practical, it is first necessary to see conditions exactly as they are in order to improve them.

We currently recognize that there is one keystone roadblock humanity must resolve to survive, thrive, and create a sustainable and prosperous future for itself. This urgent global challenge is to:

a.) be well-prepared for,

b.) adapt to, and,

c.) work diligently to lessen the escalating environmental destruction, economic loss, and suffering due to irreversible global warming and its ever-growing extinction level threat. (According to 97% of the qualified climate scientists on the planet global warming is caused by our ever-escalating fossil fuel burning and use.)  

Unfortunately, escalating global warming is also the largest and most immediate threat multiplier and convergence catalyst for all of humanity's seven other major global challenges. Therefore, there is a true urgency to handle the global warming emergency on a "first things first," critical path only basis before everything tumbles out of control into environmental, economic, and political chaos.

How We Achieve Our Mission:

Our educational mission is empowered by the time-proven principles of evolution and sustainability. Our organization also educates on how to prepare for, survive and lessen what is coming (the Climageddon Scenario) by forwarding and living:

a.) the Job One for Humanity plan to end global warming.

b.) the principles of "Sustainable Prosperity."

c.) a new "Universe Evolutionary Worldview" based on current sciences (particularly the evolutionary sciences such as cosmology, evolutionary biology, evolutionary history, etc.).

d.) the new meta-principles of evolution (we call them the Universe Principles).

You Can Help Us Forward the Greatest Evolutionary Adventure in Human History, which is:

Saving ourselves, humanity, and our civilization for future generations by honestly facing and dealing with the irreversible global warming emergency.

Here is how you can help:

a.) First, click this Join/Subscribe link (or the one at the top of the page), then,

b.) Continue reading the rest of the links below the Tags heading farther down this page. These links describe the most important new ideas and mission actions of our organization and our Universe Community.