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Welcome to Universe Spirit and the Universe Community

Our Mission:

Universe Spirit is a nonprofit, social benefit organization with a new vision for a sustainable future. Our mission is empowered by time-proven principles and wisdom derived from evolution's greatest successes in sustainability.

Based upon evolutionary science, our mission's educational actions are:

1.) Empowering Sustainable Prosperity lifestyles and livelihoods to create a Sustainable Prosperity future for all(Sustainable Prosperity is a comprehensive set of actions and strategies capable of creating a more sustainable and meaningful prosperity than has ever been previously thought possible).

2.) Resolving humanity's most urgent global challenge climate destabilization due to global warming. 

One unique aspect of our mission is that we always do our best to make achieving our mission as enjoyable and as fun as possible...

A Little Honest and Necessary Bad News Balanced by the Good News of a Big Picture and Hope-Filled Evolutionary Perspective:

We are practical about the urgency of our mission. To be practical, it is first necessary to see conditions exactly as they are to improve them.

We currently recognize that there is one single keystone roadblock and urgent global challenge humanity must resolve to create a new Sustainably Prosperity future. This urgent global challenge is:

a.) prepare for,

b.) adapt to,

c.) and hopefully lessen and eventually resolve, the escalating environmental destruction, economic loss, and suffering resulting from increasing global warming and its consequent climate destabilization. (Climate destabilization is caused by global warming, which is caused by our ever-escalating fossil fuel burning and use.)

There is much to be concerned about in all of our escalating global challenges listed above. Unfortunately, climate destabilization is the largest and most immediate keystone threat multiplier and convergence catalyst for almost all of the other global challenges. Therefore, there is a real urgency to handle escalating climate destabilization on a "first things first" priority basis.

Even though things may be going well at this time in your local, regional, or national area, it is not hard to sense or see that, at the global level, we are going in the wrong direction on most of the previously mentioned escalating global challenges.

From a "big picture" evolutionary perspective, it can be shown that we are currently going through a temporary and natural evolutionary compression period. When things are not adapting well, natural evolutionary compression periods bring things to a "boil" and intensifies the adaptive challenge's pain or loss. Evolution "does" this so that the building pressure and pent up "energy" of the compression period can suddenly be released like a compressed spring to break the inertia and facilitate the critical adaptation. A good example of this normally recurring evolutionary compression cycle in history is how, after the painful compression period of the European Dark Ages, humanity suddenly surged forward into the great European Renaissance period.

This current natural evolutionary compression period is defined by:

a.) how our major global adaptive challenges are still escalating and whip-sawing into each other and moving toward an eventual catastrophic convergence.

b.) that we still appear functionally unable to evolve the necessary effective global mechanisms to resolve these major global adaptive challenges.

If left unresolved, the escalating evolutionary compression process acting upon our current converging global challenges will catastrophically destabilize most, if not all, of our local, regional, and national areas.

The good news reminder, once again, is that:

a.) this should be a temporary compressive destabilization period.

b.) it should also eventually lead to a great surge forward of positive growth for humanity.

c.) it is just another adaptive challenge in the great transformational, evolutionary adventure and process of evolving life.

How We Achieve Our Mission:

Our organization educates on how to re-stabilize the climate as well as on how to lessen all of our most critical global challenges by specifically forwarding:

a.) the Job One for Humanity Sustainable Prosperity and Climate Re-Stabilization Plan (First things always first.)

b.) the "Sustainable Prosperity" principles (based upon the meta-principles of evolution).

c.) the meta-principles of evolution (we call them the Universe Principles of Evolution 2.0).

d.) a new "Universe Evolutionary Worldview" based on current sciences (particularly the evolutionary sciences such as cosmology, evolutionary biology, evolutionary history, etc.).

How You Can Successfully Help Forward the Greatest Transformative, Evolutionary Adventure in Human History:

a.) First, click this Join/Subscribe link (or the one at the top of the page), then,

b.) Continue reading the rest of this brief online welcome booklet that describes the most important new ideas and mission actions of our organization by clicking the titled and page-sequenced links just below.

There is much more to discover in reviewing the rest of this online welcome booklet, including a free gift from our organization. Click here.