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The Universe Principles of Right Attitude and Sustainable Prosperity Introduction


The Universe Principles of Sustainability (the UP's) are none other than the time-proven core meta-principles of the universe's 13.7 billion years of progressive evolution. The Universe Principles have two parts, the Universe Principles of Right Action and the Universe Principles of Right Attitude. (There will be a link at the end of this online booklet for the Right Actions.) To optimize your life's success always apply the Universe Principles of Right Action using the balancing attitudinal "how to" perspectives derived from the  Universe Principles of Right Attitude found on the following pages of this online booket.

The wise and balanced application and integration of ALL of these Universe Principles of Right Action and Right Attitude as a whole system will create a sustainable prosperity for any individual, grouping or nation. They are the biological secrets of life. They are also the "best practices" and rules of evolution's core "operating system."

These principles when ignored or not significantly followed are the deep causes of failure of any individual or group or their activities --- causing both individuals and groups and their activities to be eventually broken down and be recycled by the universe.

The Right Attitudes are an essential part of a new universally-applicable system of evolutionary ethics and evolutionary morality that is used by Evolution 2.0 Evolutioneers and if you are of a spiritual nature, Religion 2.0 practitioners. the Universe Principles of Right Action and the Universe Principles of Right Attitude are core practical daily practices for anyone who wants a better life!

"The right understanding of the reality of evolution in the universe IS what ultimately matters in creating the right big picture attitude critical to making the right decisions and to taking the right actions." Lawrence Wollersheim

When applied as a whole system in balanced and discerning ways, the Universe Principles are the complete systemic principles for how you build healthy, sustainable and thriving, individuals, families, groups, businesses, communities, nations, planets and a universe. They do this by creating an optimal balance of individual freedom (individual interests and agency,) with group (group interests and communion,) in alignment with the universe's core evolutionary interests.

The Universe Principles of Right Attitude are also based in part, upon acting in alignment with the more subtle space and time field conditioning qualities of  the Universe. (More information will be provided later about what this is and means.) If you have not read about progressive evolution, and if you are the kind of technical detail person who needs to know "how" and "why" some thing has come about or why it's evolution sciences are valid, please read this progressive evolution document either before or after reading the rest of this Right Attitudes online booklet.)

If you are curious to learn more, keep clicking the links at the bottom left or right of the page for the all the pages of this online booklet.