Recommended Universe Spirit Website Exploration Paths For First Time Visiitors

Here are your first prioritized and strongly recommended action steps for getting started in the Universe Spirit community. As soon as you complete one action step, go to the next.

Step 1:  If you have not done so already, click this Join/Subscribe link or the one at the top of the page, and we will keep you informed of events and important updates.

Step 2: Make a difference immediately. Please electronically sign the online global warming emergency petition. Global warming is the number one threat multiplier worsening the 11 other major global crises. We need to act fast and now! This petition will go to our political leaders to urge them to immediately enact or enforce the laws needed to get us close to our last chance and life-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

Click here to sign our emergency petition to get our politicians to ACT before it is too late. 


Join the thousands upon thousands of other emergency petition signers by clicking here!


Step 3: Please read about the 12 worsening global crises we all now face by clicking here. It is critical to precisely know why our organization acts with such urgency to enact its mission and execute the new solutions it offers to its visitors, members, and the world.

We do realize that many of these global care upsetting. We also realize that offering support and assistance during these times is critical. Therefore, we will not leave you unsupported. 

If you get stressed out or sad after reading about the 12 worsening global crises above, please click here for our emotional recovery and "silver lining" benefits materials. There is a tremendous, hidden opportunity for you and humanity within the current global crises we face. (These benefit pages are the most read pages on our sister website, Job One for Humanity.)

Please also see this essential Kubler Ross method upset processing page. It will help you process any anger, denial, sadness, grief, etc., you still might feel about the very steep challenges before us. Once you have recovered as best you can from the shock of seeing the steep challenges in front of us, continue with the rest of the steps below. They also will help you process any remaining feelings you might have in positive and constructive ways.


Step 4: Start Our 7-Day Challenge to Personally Test the Validity of the Benefits and Knowledge Provided on this Website. Try a scientific experiment using our Universe Principles of Right Actions and Right Attitudes to test the key benefits we offer.

"There is no better way to know the truth of a thing than to put it to the test and experiment with it to verify its claim or results."  Unknown Scientist

Even if you do not yet fully understand where the Right Actions and Right Attitudes of the Universe Principles have come from, you can still try them. For 7 days, we challenge you to read and live them as best as you can. It takes only about 5 minutes a day. 

At the end of this 7-day test, we believe that you will notice both profound and subtle improvements in your daily life caused by what the Universe Principles will begin to do to enhance your awareness, attitude, and actions. 

Click here to start this easy, simple, and powerful living the evolution-tested Universe Principles experiment!

Step 5:  Read the Overview of the action steps of the Job One for Humanity Plan. Help resolve and lessen accelerating global warming to protect yourself and the 11 Other Worsening Major Global Crises!

Click Here to Review and Start the Job One For Humanity Climate Plan: The Most Important Challenge and Transformational Evolutionary Opportunity in Human History!


You can work on the Job One Plan steps while you continue with the other action steps below. We still have some time left until 2025 to meet the life-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.


Step 6: If you are more of a science person, click here for the Evolution 2.0 First Time Visitor Quick Overview and Online booklet. It offers many tools for improving the success of your life.


Step 7: If you are more spiritual by nature, click here for the Evolution Spirituality Beginners Introduction, Quick Overview, and Online booklet.

To learn more about our open-source personalizable spirituality, click here.  

To find out about eco-spirituality, an essential part of the new personalized spirituality found on this website, click here.

Then, please try Evolution Spirituality's two most popular new kinds of meditations:

a. For our relationship meditation for two or more people, click here.

b. For our one-person, 3 minute super meditation, click here.


Step 8. Read about the principles of Sustainable Prosperity on our sister website (Job One for Humanity.) Learn more about how to both survive and thrive!


Step 9: Become a supporting member of the Universe Spirit Community by clicking here. When you become a supporting member, there are many benefits described here.


To discover everything else about Universe Spirit click here and go to our FAQ Once there then select the appropriate FAQ question area that interests you most! (Every question is answered that you could ever imagine asking about our mission or us.)

To continue reading the rest of this brief online welcome booklet, click the page-sequenced titled links just below to left (back) or right (forward.)