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Why the Right Attitudes Work So Well (Advanced)

Why the Universe Principles of Right Attitude are important is simple. Attitude can be likened in many ways to the invisible field of conditioning space in which some action takes place. If the attitude is affirming and supportive, actions generally go better and its opposite is equally true. Thinking of attitude as a kind of conditioning field of space consider the following:

a.) The space-time qualities of the universe appear to pre-condition, pre-qualify and pre-control ALL universe actions --- even the Universe Principles of Right Action.

b.) If any action remains out of alignment with the subtle preconditioning or pre-controlling space/time field qualities of the universe, it also will eventually be slowed, pushed back, broken down and/or then recycled.

If you are one of those individuals who has to know all of the technical details or you just want to see where the Right Attitudes come from in the universe science relevant to the time-space field qualities of the universe we strongly recommend that you read the page in this booklet called "The Result Conditioning Spacial Attributes of the Physical Universe and What They can do to Improve Your Success Attitude Toward Life." These advanced student materials will show you how these Right Attitudes were creatively extrapolated from the physics of the universe's own physical space-time field attributes.

To learn more continue reading by clicking the left or right links at the bottom of each page of this online booklet. The UP Link takes you to a page where at the bottom of it you will see all of the pages in this booklet.