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Sustainability, Spirit & Community

Why Our Sustainable Prosperity and Climate Re-Stabilization Mission is Important to You Personally?

"The practice of Sustainable Prosperity lifestyles and livelihoods is no longer but another economic or social values option. It has now become a mandatory survival imperative for all of humanity." --Lawrence Wollersheim

What Our Mission Will Do for You:

1.) Using the core meta-principles of successful evolution as a proven scientific foundation for creating long-term sustainable prosperity, individuals, groups, businesses and nations can significantly improve their evolutionary fitness, adaptability and control of their environments as well as function more cooperatively and effectively in relationships and groups. This simply equals more successful sustainable and prosperous living! (For now all you need to know Is that these meta-principles come from the deepest continually repeating  success patterns found within evolution.)

2.) Escalating climate destabilization is the most immediate threat multiplier that could take away the essential planetary life "game board" as we know it. Once the planetary game board has been destabilized everything else becomes destabilized as well.

Evolution's meta-principles for sustainable success will not only effectively help to lessen and resolve escalating climate destabilization, they will also help to lessen and resolve the other world's greatest global challenges! (Click here to see all the particulars on these six other major global adaptive challenges challenging humanity's future well-being and survival.)

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