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What makes 2025 the single most dangerous global warming deadline?

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If we miss this deadline, do we quickly go over 3 extinction-triggering global warming tipping points within our lifetimes?

Before I tell you about the single most dangerous global warming deadline, as part of our normal end of the month news update for May, I wanted to provide a brief update about the new global warming heroes and heroines as well as an update on the current flooding, extreme storms, and over 500 tornados across the US in the last 13 days.

The beginning of the middle of our global warming emergency

This spring the extreme weather that the United States is experiencing in the Midwest is not an anomaly. The flooding that is breaking all previous records, the hundreds of tornadoes and the relentless rain bombs are exactly what has been predicted by our best climate scientists.

This is not the new normal. This is just the beginning of the middle phase of accelerating global warming and --- according to our best climate scientists, it's going to get a whole lot worse!

Unfortunately, our current extreme weather will also continue to increase in frequency, severity, and size of areas covered.

The new global warming heroes and heroines 

The first global warming hero is the Extinction Rebellion organization with action groups all over the world. They are conducting peaceful and nonviolent mass protests focused on trying to get our politicians to realize this simple fact:

If we do not immediately and radically cut our fossil fuels usage to meet the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, most of humanity will likely go extinct within our lifetimes!

Extinction Rebellion like our own organization, have made the truth simple enough to understand. Unlike our organization, which focuses on global warming research, analysis and education, they focus on getting their members out into the streets in powerful nonviolent protests and acts of civil disobedience. Their highly public protest actions are forcing the world to think about the ugly truths of global warming extinction and that we have to act to prevent it now, and not 10, 20 or 30 years from now. (Links to Extinction Rebellion at the end of the newsletter.)

The second global warming heroine isGréta Thunburg a young girl speaking directly to the governments around the world. Along with other child leaders, she and they are inspiring over 1 million schoolchildren to leave class on a regular basis to also call attention to the global warming extinction truth. Greta widely proclaims that "we children will have no future" unless we achieve the critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. And, she is absolutely right even though she is still a child.

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These children's protests are continuing to grow quickly. Each time they happen, they are gathering more students and more media attention.

As I sit here, I have to admit a profound sadness and embarrassment that we as adults are doing so little to protect our children's futures and to get our governments to meet the life-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. I am ashamed that is our children leading the way and not the world's political leaders, the world's wealthiest individuals and corporations, celebrities, philanthropies, or even the major environmental organizations who should be leading the way by speaking openly about the mass extinction within our lifetimes message that must be heard before it's too late.

It appears to be our children who will have to bear the completely inappropriate responsibility for creating the needed public attention on the failure of our governments to protect us. To me, that just seems all wrong and horribly convoluted. (Links to Gréta and other children leading the global warming school walkout protests at the end of this newsletter.) 

Here is what our organization recommends doing regarding these new heroes and heroines 

Anything you, your family or your children can do to appear at the Extinction Rebellion protests or support the children's school walk-out protests all over the world would be wisely spent time. This is in part because we are now at one minute before midnight on the global warming doomsday clock as you will soon find out after reading about our single most important global warming deadline in the next section.



The single most dangerous global warming deadline

The single most dangerous global warming deadline is: 

We must meet the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets! If we do not, there will be a mass human extinction and global economic, political and social chaoswithin our lifetimes.

But that is not all you have to be aware of... 

Most people, if they do not really understandsomething or feel it,they do not act. That is likely why for the last 35 years we have also failed to act and deal with the real dangers and urgency of global warming.

Unless most people really understand why something is true especially if it's urgent, it is unlikely we will feel it strongly enough to act on it when action is called for. Because of this important fact of human nature, we have a challenge to you which could help save the future, the lives of your loved ones and add your name to the hero and heroines honor roll. 

Take our simple challenge and discover the hard facts and consequences behind our most dangerous global warming deadline, 2025

Take the additional time needed to read exactly what the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets are for your home, business and nation and, let us prove to you why we absolutely must hit them, but more importantly, exactly what global catastrophes will happen if we don't.

If you have the courage to read this single well-illustrated and riveting page, you will understand why leading global warming authorities are saying it's now time to panic.

Click here to read about the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets we must achieve and, what will happen over the next few decades if we do not hit these targets. Here you can read about the 3 interconnected roads to extinction and the tipping points we will cross if we fail.


And finally, help us create more global warming activists so we can save the future and our children

Keep in mind that Job One for Humanity is one of the few nonprofit organizations analyzing critical new global warming research and daring enough to tell the extinction within our lifetimes truth. But, we can't educate and create more activists without your financial support.

Please become a Job One for Humanity member supporter today by making a tax-deductible donation of $5 or more. All member supporters get exclusive access to information and tools that no one else can access. Please click here to see all the exclusive information and access you will get as a member supporter of Job One for Humanity.

Let's make sure that we will survive and that our children will have a world in which they can build thriving families of their own. We must turn our global warming emergency around and your support for Job One for Humanity will help do that.


Lawrence Wollersheim

Lawrence Wollersheim

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