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Learn, Adapt, Evolve, Thrive

The Universe's Proven Principles For Success and Sustainable Prosperity: Do the 5 Minutes a Day Experiment!

Enhance Your Life Success with a 5 Minute a Day, Easy to Do 7 Day, 5 Minutes a Day Experiment.

You are about to begin your own personal experiment in creating successful personal evolution. By the time you complete it, you will know the truth about the thrilling effectiveness of the Universe Principles of Right Action and Right Attitude for yourself.

At the bottom of this page, you will find links to printable short forms of the Universe Principles of Right Action and the Universe Principles of Right Attitude. Both parts of the Universe Principles will be used in your simple experiment. The validity and usefulness of the Universe Principles have been directly and indirectly derived from evolutionary science. Later in this online booklet, you will also find a link that explains why the Universe Principles work so well.

"Imagine if you could take the most successful and sustainable principles from evolution's 13.8 billion years of trial-and-error testing and put those life lessons into simple actions and "attitudes" that you could use to guide your life into more meaningful and sustainable success. That's what the Universe Principles are all about." Lawrence Wollersheim

How to Start your Universe Principles Success Enhancement Experiment:

Step 1.) Print out only the two short forms of the Universe Principles of Right Actions and Right Attitudes found off the links at the bottom of this page.

The Right Actions are all of the integrated essential minimal actions of evolutions' marvelous system for thriving and sustaining individuals and groups.

The Right Attitudes help to create the optimal evolutionary "big picture" perspective and attitude from which you will most effectively and wisely adapt and apply the Right Actions. (The Right Actions should never be applied without applying them using the Right Attitudes.)

Step 2.) In order to know if your experiment was successful, you need to know what is the state of things before you begin the experiment. Doing this "where are you now" test is fast and simple. Using the now printed Right Actions and Right Attitudes ask yourself "how well am I currently applying this (each,) principle in my life?"

Rate yourself on a 1-10 scale with 10 being you are applying it perfectly and 0 being you are not applying at all. Mark your pre-experiment ratings for each principle on the first blank line after each principle. (The second blank line is for the second end-of-experiment rating that you will do at the end of the experiment.) If you do not believe or understand some principle at all and you are not applying it in any way in your life just give yourself a 0 rating on that item for now.

Step 3.) Each day for 7 days simply read these meta-principles of evolution. They all can be read in about in 5 minutes or less! It is your choice if you want to read the Right Actions or the Right Attitudes first. (If you meditate, we suggest that you use the Right Actions and Right Attitudes as part of your daily meditation.)

Don't worry if you miss a day, just keep going until you reach 7 repetitions. Don't worry if you do not yet understand all of the evolution science behind all of the Universe Principles. Evolution is the most complex thing in the universe and even our most advanced students are still learning all the science behind the Universe Principles validity.

But, if you really want or need to understand more about why these evolution principles are so effective or, if you do not believe them to be true, go to these separate Right Actions and the Right Attitudes medium length online booklet links and read more about the Right Actions and the Right Attitudes before you do this experiment.

Step 4.) In whatever ways that you can during the 7 day reading period try to live the Universe Principles in your daily life as best as you can and as well as you understand them. Perfection is not necessary! Also do not forget to generously self-acknowledge yourself for any progress in applying one or more of the Universe Principles. Keep in mind that the more you read and use them the more you will enter into a closer alignment with the unstoppable wave of the progressive directionality of universe evolution and the more that this evolutionary wave will carry you forward!

Here are a few questions you can use for each principle to help you figure out how to live them more fully:

a.) What am I doing that most violates this particular principle?

b.) What simple thing could I do today to improve that?

Step 5.) There is a final step at the end of the 7 days or 7 Repetitions. This is where you will carefully and objectively review how reading and using the principles of universe evolution has affected your life. The page with Step 5 is found after the short form Universe Principles pages linked at the bottom of this online booklet.

Keep in mind that:

a.) the more you are able to use the principles of universe evolution in a balanced, integrated, and all including way --- the better your experimental results will be!

b.) All of Universe Principles are essential to having a complete evolution-based system. They are also integrated with each other to produce the full evolutionary cycle or spiral of thriving success and sustainability. And, in some ways, they also act to counter-balanced each other.

c.) These principles of successful and sustainable evolution are so powerful that if you like after you become familiar with them by reading more about where they come from (here at Right Actions and separately at Right Attitudes,) you can even rewrite them in your own words and put them in any order your like. You can make them more simple or shorter for yourself just by having only one principle or concept per short sentence. You can also eliminate the extra explanations after the main principles.

As long as you do not lose any of the included evolution-proven concepts, processes, nouns, adjectives, and verbs within them, they will still work as a complete, balanced and integrated system to profoundly evolve and improve your life. If you do rewrite them please keep in mind that these principles have been rewritten over 120 times. Every single concept of substance within them is essential to the full working evolutionary process for proven success and sustainability. (If you do write your own personal version, please send us a copy at manage@universespirit.org .)

To go to the next step of the 7 days, 5 minutes a day experiment, click the next link in the booklet series found below. To see all of the pages of this online booklet click the UP link when it is visible.


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