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Sustainability, Spirit & Community

The Universe Principles and the Open Source Model (Intermediate)

In open source software terms the Universe Principles are the Open Source Kernel of all Kernals! They are the most basic rules of evolution's core "operating system." They are the "core software program and core evolutionary algorithm: of the successful universe evolution of life itself and everything that creates, sustains and thrives it.

The in open source software the kernel conditions and controls all sub-systems and secondary processes just like the macro processes of Universe evolution condition and control the sub-systems and secondary processes of evolution. Once you know the evolutionary universe's kernel of core meta-processes you can then better execute the re-structuring and "re-coding" all of our economic, social and political systems to better align them to the "kernel" of the universe's successful evolutionary processes so that those secondary applications run more effectively and successfully. 

The meta-principles of the Universe Principles of Sustainability are the Kernel of successful life itself!

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