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Sustainability, Spirit & Community

What is the Unissance Social Network?

Unissanse is the combination of the two words universe and Renaissance. The Unissance is a social network for both secular and spiritual individuals that promotes sustainable prosperity and successfully achieving the Job One for Humanity Climate Re-stabilization Plan. The Unissance social network supports people moving into a sustainable prosperity through better alignment with the time-proven, life-sustaining success patterns found within the deep patterns of progressive evolution of our 13.7 billion-year-old universe.

This increased sustainable prosperity is achieved in part by the daily practice of the Universe Principles of Sustainability, which are based on a scientific understanding of the successes of progressive evolution. Since we all have a common physical origin, and all exist in the same physical space, it follows that we will all benefit from knowing the proven sustainability success patterns that govern the progressive developmental evolution of our universe. These are the very patterns that produced and sustained our living existence in the first place. Aligning our lives with these proven sustainability success patterns will allow us to thrive personally, socially, and economically.

Previous philosophies and religions of past eras tried to explain these natural sustainability "success principles," but their knowledge was limited to the "sub-full universe" frame creating the limited local, national or planetary scaled observations. Only recently, with the development of super-computers, the Hubble telescope, radio telescopes and other new sensing instruments, were we able, for the first time in human history, to see the full and true 200 billion light year diameter spacial extent of the physical universe as well as understand the full scope of universe time, from the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago to the present.

The ultimate goals of the Unissance network are to:

a.) Preserve the planet's environment by successfully achieving the Job One for Humanity Climate Re-stabilization Plan. 
b.) help people understand and achieve sustainable prosperity through alignment with the proven success patterns of the universe's evolution. So that they may also,
c.) intentionally partner with the universe's ongoing progressive evolution in order to create a just civilization and a sustainable prosperity and  meaningful existence for all --- for generations to come!

The Unissance Social Network and the Future

The Unissance is also a social network of individuals and organizations that are playing an integral role in ushering in this exciting new era in human existence. Members of the network recognize themselves as Evolutionaries, planetary citizens and universe citizens who are consciously partnering with the unstoppable flow of progressive universe evolution; they come from all national, cultural, religious, racial and ethnic backgrounds and embrace current scientific advances and understandings of human culture and consciousness while also celebrating and reverencing the “miracle” of our being in the universe.

Unissance members also have in common the fact that they embrace the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and its accompanying Universe Principles of Sustainability, a transformative new set of global values and ethical standards. Using these tools, members of the network strive to consciously align their lifestyles and livelihoods with the success patterns of progressive evolution that are found in the physical universe in order to make their own lives and the world at large more meaningful and successful, moving toward the realistic goal of achieving sustainable prosperity for all!

Some Unissance members do what they can to self-organize a new vision in community called Universe Communities.

Finally, the Unissance network also shares the goals of the Century of Women and helps to promote the annual Universe Day and Universe Charter events, which take place each January 1st, while continually sparking positive change in the realms of sustainability, life, culture, art, science, consciousness and even, for those so inclined, personalized “open-source” spirituality.

Antecedents of the Unissance Movement

Other organizations have called attention to “the Great Turning,” “the Great Shift,” or “the Shift,” which all refer to a wave of new improvements occurring in life as seen from a predominantly planetary perspective. The Unissance expands upon the great ideas of these organizations and their planetary views, however, seeking to provide even more encompassing insights that stem from a broader, universe-scale evolutionary perspective—the largest of all perspectives. This allows Unissance members to:

  • champion the sustainability of life on the planet and act in ways that will help to prevent any planetary environmental crisis that would endanger the existence of future generations (see Job Number One For All Humanity)
  • Realize their true identity and their life’s true meaning and purpose through an understanding of scientific facts about the physical universe and its evolution while, for those so inclined, drawing from the most life-affirming wisdom of humanity’s vast spiritual heritage.
  • Evolve more successful, meaningful and sustainable livelihoods and lifestyles for themselves while also bettering the circumstances of the numerous communities of which they are a part.

The Unissance network is at the forefront of effecting a much-needed global re-alignment of all of our cultural systems, economies, laws and constitutions, harmonizing them with the proven success patterns of universe evolution and its progressive directionality so that humanity may flourish long into the future.

Join the Unissance Network Today and Help Create A Just, Sustainable and Prosperous New Civilization

Check out our Unissance facebook page and join our network if you’re not already a member. You too can be a partner in a healthier, more peaceful and enlightened society where sustainable prosperity is available to all!