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Tesla outsmarts the big auto makers again AND Elon Musk becomes a Hero to the Millennial generation OR, Why Elon Musk is the Henry Ford of the Third Industrial Revolution!

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Submitted by Lawrence on

Elon Musk is strategically so far ahead of the market curve that his big car competitors can't even see him coming. He is eating their future lunch in the electric car market. And...

he is also becoming an ideological hero to the Millennial generation because of his latest Tesla patent sharing move.

To understand Elon Musk's brilliant meta-strategy for sharing Tesla's patents, one would have had to have read a just released book called The Zero Marginal Cost Society by Jeremy Rifkin. In this new book and in his earlier book The Third Industrial Revolution Rifkin lays out the emerging new sharing and networking strategies of a very green Third Industrial Revolution. And...

Elon Musk "gets it" in spades!

Keep your eyes on Elon. He is far more than just a revolutionary businessman.

He is an ideological and evolutionary leader for the new generations.

He truly is --- the next Henry Ford of the rapidly unfolding and very green Third Industrial Revolution.

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