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Sustainability, Spirit & Community

Recommended Universe Spirit Website Exploration Paths For Returning Visitors and Advanced Students

To Go Deeper into Our Organization's Mission and New Ideas Explore One of the Other Options below:

1.) Explore The Evolution 2.0 short online booklet that covers most of the basics of Evolution 2.0 by clicking here.

2.) Experiment and Test out the Validity and Benefits of the Evolution 2.0 Universe Principles by clicking here. (These are the core meta-principles for sustainable success derived from the success of universe evolution that you can begin to apply to your life immediately in just 5 minutes a day.)

3.) Read About the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the progressive evolution of Evolution 2.0, click here. (It is the new paradigm and worldview that can evolve, restructure, re-align and improve not just your own life, but also our global society, economics, politics, and environment.)

4.)  If you are of a Spiritual or Religious Nature, Explore The Religion 2.0 online booklet by clicking here.

5.) Explore Our Universe Community vision by clicking here.

6.) Learn All About our organization and vision. Click here and go to our very well organized and complete master FAQ of over 200 areas. (Once there select the appropriate FAQ question area that interests you most!)


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