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Personal Spirituality: The Way Spirituality and Religion 2.0 Should Be!

Let’s just acknowledge a universal truth about spirituality and religion here: it’s always personal! Yes, religion and spirituality is an incredibly personal thing, and that is why each one of us should always be able to develop our own unique spiritual fit, based on our life experiences, needs, desires and open access to all available spiritual and scientific knowledge and wisdom.

One of the reasons we’re so lucky to be alive right now is that we now do have such easy access to all religious and secular information via the Internet. All the spiritual, scientific and secular wisdom and religious teachings that have ever existed are ours to adopt, as we see fit. And best of all --- we need only take the parts that work for us. Personalizing your religion was the great upgrade of Religion 1.5 and this improvement has been preserved in Religion 2.0.

Religion 2.0 as found on this website will continue the upgrade of Religion 1.5 and will help you develop your very own personal and personalized spirituality, which is designed to serve your highest purpose, not somebody else’s or some monolithic religious organization's. Read and use the links below like the pages of a book to explore and learn more!

"When everyone has their own unique form of religion and personal spirituality based on objective science, the facts of evolution and the most life-affirming subjective wisdom from all religions there will finally be peace on earth and --- the advances of Religion 2.0 will have come into bloom." (A principle of the Religion 2.0 and its form of personal Evolution Spirituality found on this website.)

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