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The Home of Evolutioneers

Our Invitation for You to become a Facilitator, Teacher and Local Co-Creator of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview Movement and Universe Community

We Invite You to Join us in Spreading the Ideas of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview as a Facilitator, Teacher or Local Co-Creator. 

In congruence with vision, values and structure of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the minimal essential structure and principles of Universe Communities, we are seeking exceptional self-organizing individuals who also currently consider themselves to also be evolutionaries or planetary and universe citizens (or who want to become them,) to join us in this exciting work.

In the early stages of spreading the good news we are seeking productive, self-motivated and self-disciplined individuals to help co-create new centers or facilitate, teach and lead all around the planet. They are also bright individuals who do not mind reading new materials and the effort that goes into studying. (When you contact us we may put you onto free access Universe College courses and other study materials to support your helping us spread the good news and to bring you up to speed on what is happening at that time.) 

These unique evolutionary individuals and planetary and Universe citizens are also self-organizingsocio-emotionally mature, cognitively well-developed and who are not afraid of ongoing learning, effort, sacrifice and service. 

We are looking for those talented individuals and leaders who have already embraced the natural and growing complexities of evolving life and who are reciprocating by nature and therefore want to contribute at least as much as they want to receive

If you are of a spiritual nature, you can even become a new kind of post, post-modern "minister" in a part of our movement called Evolution Spirituality. If you currently are involved in ministry in some other denomination and have been looking for a new religious expression designed to be highly effective in the real world and yet still honoring of the most life-affirming aspects of humanity's spiritual heritage you can start with us almost immediately as a functioning minister within Evolution Spirituality.

There are many personal and even financial benefits to being one of the first to help us as an autonomous and independent self-organizing co-creater of this essential new movement. You can setup, facilitate and evolve your own independent meet-up or study group or center and community and ---- receive all the benefits from your co-creative efforts. You can immediately begin self-study of the necessary materials and in no time you can be teaching and adapting it in to local area.

What is Next if You Are Interested:

If you would like more information regarding creating your own local autonomous Universe Evolutionary Worldview community, email us at manage@UniverseSpirit.org and put new "Spread the Universe Evolutionary Worldview" in the subject line. In the email also tell us a bit about yourself, your objectives as well as your history, education and qualifications.

"Evolutionaries (who also are acting as Planetary and Universe Citizens,) are truly unique individuals who are magnificently skillful at holding the big-picture, long-term perspective --- (our 13.7 billion years of successful universe evolution,) while they solve the smaller scale and smaller time frame challenges." Lawrence Wollersheim

Help us Build the Movement and/or the Universe One Community in San Francisco or, in Self-Organizing your Own Autonomous Local Universe Community in Other Areas!

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