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What is Evolution 2.0 --- The Next Logical Step Beyond Darwin's Evolution 1.0 and Evolution 1.5's New Synthesis

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The nonprofit organization that creates this website has the courage to boldly speak out about the the controversial issues on the progressive directionality of evolution as a system as found in what is called Evolution 2.0. On this website (and at few brave other websites and from a few other brave voices,) you will find more information about Evolution 2.0 where the progressive directionality, values, goals and even the possible "end of evolution" possibilities of universe evolution are discussed openly and taught. 

Here on this website you will always find an open dialog on what these science-grounded meta-principles and meta-processes of Evolution 2.0 are and what they mean to the future of humanity, human purpose and to improving and evolving our governments, economics, societies, religions and the deteriorating environment.

If you are curious about the new vision of practical and realistic hope that  Evolution 2.0 can offer as benefits to your own personal life, your community or your nation, we invite you to begin exploring the Evolution 2.0 controversy by clicking here.


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