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Sustainability, Spirit & Community

Links to More In Depth Information on How and Why the Universe Principles Work

There is a medium length online booklet version of both the Right Actions and the Right Attitudes of the Universe Principles. These online booklets also have many photo illustrations and they give a bit more information on why on how these Universe Principles work. Click the Right Actions and the Right Attitudes links in this sentence for those more detailed medium length descriptions.

If you are a super-technical science person who absolutely needs to know to know the full details about why these meta-principles work and where they came from  then click here.

Please Note: The meta-principles of successful and sustainable evolution found within the Universe Principles are also a key part of an Evolution 2.0 regular practices. And if you are of a spiritual nature, these principles are also an essential part of the practices of Religion 2.0.)

"The Universe Principles are the meta-principles of successful and sustainable universe evolution. Within them is captured the universe's core wisdom concerning what the universe has learned about sustainable success over the last 13.8 billion years. As a fully integrated system within them you will also find every life-affirming human virtue and society's wisest moral and ethical precepts for keeping groups thriving and cooperating. They help you create an optimal and right relationship to the realities of successful and sustainable evolution and the universe." Lawrence Wollersheim


Version 12.1 last updated 3.2.15: These Universe Principles will be updated as needed and when new science dictates.

To go to the next step of the experiment click the left link found below. To see all of the pages of this online booklet click the UP link.

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