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Sustainability, Spirit & Community

How the Open-Source Practice of "Forking" Protects The Religion 2.0 Movement

The Open-Source practice of "Forking" is a natural evolutionary method to manage Religion 2.0 independent organizations, individuals or spiritual facilitators or teachers who repeatedly or seriously fail to follow the recommended common Religion 2.0 member conduct codes, teacher ethical guidelines or spiritual safeguards. Here is how it works in Religion 2.0.

Independent organizations or individuals who are part of the Religion 2.0 movement or organizational center network who repeatedly fail to follow the Religion 2.0 member conduct codes ethical guidelines or spiritual safeguards are managed in an evolutionary manner because no one owns the Religion 2.0's Kernel and "source code" materials and --- we have no final spiritual authority or "Pope" that can demand or enforce compliance in Religion 2.0 matters due to our absolute belief in free will in spiritual choice and nonviolent spiritual practice matters.

This means that Religion 2.0 practitioners, members and congregations who are repeatedly betrayed by a individual, group or center's leadership are encouraged to simply "fork" off that individual, study group or center and create their own new Religion 2.0 experiment, study group or center.

The implication is only to abandon an individual group, minister, teacher or Religion 2.0 organization if all reasonable and repeated individual and community efforts to inform, correct or teach those individuals or the center leader(s) has failed. This encouragement to naturally fork off and create a new Religion 2.0 experiment, study group or center when spiritual services or organizational ethics are compromised is the single most powerful part of the evolutionary self-correcting and self-organizing open-source religion and spirituality mechanism for keeping the Religion 2.0 movement healthy, growing and self-policing.

After repeated correctional attempts to educate and evolve a serious and repeated violation of our commonly held Religion 2.0 principles and ethics there is no longer any reason to endure individuals or organizations that redirect the Religion 2.0 movement into inappropriate or unethical activities or for inappropriate or unfair personal gain or influence over others.

Never be afraid to "fork off" and create a new Religion 2.0 experiment when ever you have exhausted your and your groups best efforts to remedy the problem and you are unable to resolve unethical behavior in your Religion 2.0 group. It is the only way we will keep the movement healthy and expanding.

Also never be afraid to "fork off" and create a new Religion 2.0 experiment when you feel that there are advantages to the movement to form a new Religion 2.0 group to enhance expansion, improve service or conduct a new experiment in delivering Religion 2.0 service that only would be possible within a new group or experiment. There is a lot to do in a short amount of time to avoid the evolutionary bottleneck of global climate destabilization. Religion 2.0 can and will do much to help mitigate the worst of climate destabilization and therefore should do everything it can to expand its sustainability services as fast as is possible.

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