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Learn, Adapt, Evolve, Thrive

Footnotes, Qualifications and Additional Resources and Information Regarding the Right Attitudes of the Universe Principles (Intermediate to Advanced)

1.) If you are a philosopher, you may want to see how the meta-principles of universe evolution defeat the arguments of the Naturalistic Fallacy. Click here to find out why and how the meta-principles of universe evolution legitimately create values and "oughts" and "shoulds" to improve our personal lives and world.

2.) When both the action and attitudinal parts of the Universe Principles of Sustainability are taken and used as a balanced whole they are in effect a new universal evolutionary ethics, meta-ethics, and meta-morality. This is important because:

“The greatest fight in the history of the world and the world of ideas is the fight to establish a universal morality.” Stefan Molyneux philosopher

3.) The Universe Principles and the Open Source Software Movement: In open-source software terms the Universe Principles are the Kernel of all Kernels! They are the "core software program and core evolutionary algorithms: of the successful universe evolution of life itself and everything that creates, sustains, and thrives it.

The kernel conditions and controls all sub-systems and secondary processes just like the macro processes of Universe evolution condition and control the sub-systems and secondary processes of evolution. Once you know the evolutionary universe's kernel of core processes you can then better execute the restructuring and "re-coding" all of our economic, social, and political systems to better them.

4.) Looking at the Universe Principles of Sustainability as a whole and particularly through their keywords like fair exchange and sustainability one can begin to see in new and expanded wording the core essence, key parts, or more enlightened aspects of almost every ethical, moral and legal code humanity has ever developed. This is only natural because humanity has always basically used what happens in real human life in nature (the universe,) for creating its codes even when it attributes the origin of these codes to other more supernatural sources. Click here to see how we have woven the Universe Principles of Sustainability into our code of conduct and ethics for living.

5.) The Universe Principles of Sustainability come in two parts, the Universe Principles of Right Action and the Universe Principles of Right Mind and Right Attitude. We recommend reading the action principles first. The Universe Principles are derived from the soon-to-be-released new book the Universe Manifesto. Additional explanatory commentary and exercises for each principle will be published soon. There has been 3 years of new cosmological and evolutionary science research and thinking put in just to get them this far.

6.) The Universe has demonstrated adaptive patterns that can use and incorporate unforeseen spontaneities to eventually also forward its core value-interests.

7.) The universe as a whole system unto itself appears to behave much like smaller living evolutionary systems or, is it really that smaller living evolutionary systems are behaving like the universe when it is viewed as a whole system. Is the universe itself --- a living thing or organism at the ultimate universe scale?

8.) If you are of a spiritual nature in the traditional sense of Religion 1.0 or Religion 1.5 and, you would like to see how the above meta-principles of progressive evolution could relate to better understanding the nature and purposes of God or, God's will or, even God's universal commandments, click here.

9.) The word Universe can also include whatever you call or believe the Universe’s origin to be, the great mystery of the universe's origin, total reality, God Buddha, Ultimate Reality etc.

10.) Learning and living the Universe Principles of Sustainability in both action and attitudinal forms is also the Level 3 practices of Evolution 2.0 and if you are of a spiritual nature, Evolution Spirituality aka Religion 2.0.

11.) Each of the Universe Principles taken collectively also suggests all of the important educational core curricula that Universe Evolutioneers and universe citizens should pursue and that integral, evolutionary, environmental and sustainability organizations should be teaching to create effective and complete curriculums.

12.) If you have not yet read the full description of progressive evolution, --- the core facts upon which the Universe Principles are based, we recommend you do this advanced study soon.

13.) We strongly suggest that you print out the Universe Principles and then read and practice them every day and discover for yourself just how dramatically your life, groups, and the world can improve. It takes many daily readings of them and at least 90 days of conscious practice of them for their power to slowly evolve away any contrary deeply embedded or habituated thinking and reactions. My clarity and life has improved hugely since I have begun practicing them and, it has been far more than worth all of that conscious effort. Practicing ALL of these principles in balance and not just practicing one or two of them is what it means to actually be or become a complete Evolutioneer and life sustainability and thrivability advocate. (Click here to go to the short forms of the Universe Principles of both Right Action and Right Attitude. They are easier to read and practice on a regular basis in this form.)

14.) The process of universe dynamism described in the Attitudes space field section is not always directionalized adaptation and growth. It can also become just change or grow experiments that dead-end, go off in novel tangents and stall or stall after various levels of growth. When growth and adaptation stop the universe breaks down the growth experiment and recycles its parts.

15.) Whenever physicists look into the quantum levels of the universe and the space field of the universe they encounter paradoxes. Some of the above action conditioning "attitudes" of the universe also paradoxically cross over and can appear to be both an inherent conditioning quality of the universe itself as well as a universe action meta-patterns. Some universe action patterns above also needed to be included to help show the relationship or sequence of the conditioning "attitudes" of the universe to the action meta-patterns of the universe to better understand the conditioning "attitudes" of the universe and their relationships to each other as a whole progressive evolutionary system. 

16.) Although this attitudes booklet has been based in part on parts of the works of the following individuals the inclusion of their names does not imply any specific endorsement of the Universe Principles, Evolution 2.0, or its new Universe Evolutionary Worldview as expressed herein, this booklet or the information expressed within it. These individuals have been mentioned in part to gratefully recognize their contributions to expanding the areas of cosmology, big history, progressive evolutionary science and/or conscious evolution that are emerging within Evolution 2.0 and its Universe Evolutionary Worldview. This article is based in part upon the universe and progressive evolutionary science and theories expressed by Teilhard De Chardin, Erich Jantsch, John Stewart, Michael Dowd, Connie Barlow, Nancy Ellen Abrams, Brian Swimme, Thomas Berry, Joel Primack, David Christian, David Ray Griffin, Sri Aurobindo, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and Ken Wilber as well as numerous other evolution theorists, scientists, authors, and speakers.

17.) To dive deeper into more about the science of the Universe Principles and universe evolution click here. This is mostly for advanced students and it covers much of what was not covered in the medium-length descriptions of the Universe Principles found in this online booklet.

18.) We hope that you have also discovered in reading the above universe attitudes that they both transcend and yet still creatively include the most life-affirming perspectives and classic virtues of humanity’s greatest philosophic and spiritual wisdom traditions. The above new universe principles of progressive evolution can act as a de facto lifestyle practices guide and new ethical code for Evolutioneers or, a statement of the attributes of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview (among many other things.)

19.) This booklet has been provided to Universe Spirit by Lawrence Wollersheim.

20.) If you are of a spiritual nature in the traditional sense of Religion 1.0 or Religion 1.5 and, you would like to see how the above meta-principles of progressive evolution could relate to better understanding the nature and purposes of God or, God's will or, even God's universal commandments, click here.

21.) Lawrence Wollersheim has updated this booklet on 3.30.21. If you have suggestions or criticisms, send them to manage@universespirit.org with “Principles” in the subject line.

22.) The principle of Progressive Evolution is derived in substantive part from evolutionary science.