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Evolution Spirituality: A Science Grounded, Open Source, Personalized Spiritual Practice

"The relationship worked out between science and religion will determine the destiny of the human race." ---Alfred Lord Whitehead

Evolution Spirituality is also known as Evo Spirituality, Eco-Spirituality, Universe Spirituality, and Evolutionary Spirituality. Think about Evolution Spirituality as a new spiritual philosophy (way of life) grounded in science and an upgraded new system of life-affirming values and ideas that create a new form of open-source, personalized spirituality and a new philosophy of life. (Personalized spirituality simply means it is you who chooses what spiritual principles and practices from among humanity's vast and rich open-source spiritual heritage are right for you, (not some religious authority.) 

This new evolution in spiritual development is drawn from humanity's long history of individualized spirituality. It also explores and expands the many possibilities of direct personal awareness and experiences of the Great Mystery and what we call the Ever-Present Origin or (Ultimate Reality,) As such, its practices can lead to what is known as both traditional enlightenment and the new evolutionary enlightenment (the realization of one's place within the evolutionary history of the whole universe. 

This new Evolution Spirituality is sometimes also called Evolutionary Spirituality, Universe Spirituality, or Religion 2.0. It is also grounded in science, particularly science about evolution's most successful processes in the universe. It is what some might consider a perfect balance of science and spirituality.

Evolution Spirituality is different in that it also has secular areas like the Universe Principles that can be practiced in completely secular ways. This means that if you are not spiritually inclined, or are an atheist, agnostic, or a humanist, you can use all of the science-grounded ideas and practices found within the secular areas of Evolution Spirituality and still be a practicing member of the Evolution Spirituality community, our new Universe Eco-Communities, and the Evolution 2.0 movement.

Because our natural world is in such trouble, Evolution Spirituality also embraces the ideas of modern eco-spiritualityWe forward the much-needed new ethical and moral perspectives of eco-spirituality. Eco-spirituality in the most simple of terms holds that:

a. humanity is an intimate and integral part of nature and does not own nature or is humanity separate from it,

b. humanity must stop using the natural world and our atmosphere as a toilet for its pollutants, and, 

c. humanity cannot treat and use the natural world as an "infinite" extraction resource and treasure chest. It must stop all over-exploitation of the natural world, which harms current and future generations, and other biological life forms.

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How Evolution Spirituality (aka Religion 2.0) is Different from the older forms of Religion 1.5 and Religion 1.0

Before expanding the definition of Evolution Spirituality further, it is helpful to say something about the earlier versions of spirituality and religion. Religion 1.0 is traditional "old-time" religion and spirituality with all of its dogma, exclusive or special authorities, and rituals.

Religion 1.5 includes the most life-affirming ideas of the newer progressive religious and spiritual movements like the Unitarian Universalists, Creation Spirituality, process theology, liberation theology, Integral Spirituality, and even some of the "Newer Age" religions like Unity and Religious Science without their inappropriate or no longer applicable, beliefs, qualities, authorities, and practices.

Religion 2.0 (Evolution Spirituality) is a major upgrade on the older versions of religion and 1.0 and 1.5. Religion 2.0 (Evolution Spirituality) transcends the worst of religion 1.0 and religion 1.5 while still including their best qualities. 

While Evolution Spirituality (Religion 2.0) is very different from Religion 1.0 and Religion 1.5, it still honors and includes the best of what Religion 1.0 and Religion 1.5 have to offer. Evolution Spirituality transcends, but can still include the best goals and most life-affirming ideas and practices from Religion 1.0 and Religion 1.5 without their many known pathologies and prejudices.

This quality reflects one of the most important aspects of Evolution Spirituality which is personal choice, which is always honored. You are always the one who gets to decide how much, how little, or what parts of the Evolution Spirituality, Religion 1.5, or Religion 1.0 that you want to use!

Because of Evolution Spirituality's strong science-grounding, practitioners of its principles can significantly improve their evolutionary fitness, adaptability, and control of their environments as well as function more cooperatively and successfully as groups and in groups. Evolution Spirituality practitioners also participate in something far greater than themselves by helping to consciously co-create and forward the progressive evolutionary progress and adventure of the universe.

"We do not belong to ourselves, even mostly. We belong to the universe." Buckminster Fuller

Because it is both a personal spirituality and a philosophy of life grounded in science it provides for its practitioners the deepest of meanings and purpose for their lives.

Evolution Spirituality is a completely new emergence in the biological and cultural evolution of our planet and in spirituality and religion like nothing else that has ever come before. It also has many other unique features and qualities that you will not find in Religion 1.0 or Religion 1.5.

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