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A 50 Year Global Fossil Fuel Burning Transition and Moratorium by 2063 --- Maybe Future Generations Will Have A Decent Life Afterall!

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Submitted by Lawrence on

Welcome to the necessary end of the fossil fuel era in 2063 with the widespread recognition and enforcement of a new moratorium on any future fossil fuel burning past that date. But why this proposed moratorium and deadline now?

Are there good practical reasons for it?

It does not do any good to set a moratorium for fossil fuel burning if that moratorium is realistically impossible to meet! Therefore setting the goal of no fossil fuel burning by 2063 anywhere on the planet (other than for military use or space exploration,) is both wise and practical.

This is simply because we cannot convert all of the fossil fuel infrastructure, (fossil fuel distribution and filling stations, fossil fuel powered transportation, fossil fuel heating systems, etc. etc.,) across the planet in anything much less than 50 years and, --- that is only if we already have the complete commitment of every government and corporation on earth today to enforce this "no more burning" goal happening! 

We need to be honest and practical with ourselves. Globally, it will take 4-5 decades to select, build and distribute all of the fossil fuel replacements that we choose to use once we (all countries and corporations,) are all fully committed to making this transition and goal a reality. This 50 year "inconvenient truth" for how long it will actually take to make the fossil fuel infrastructure transition means that carbon pollution levels are likely to soar to 500 ppm (parts per million,) on the low side and 600 ppm plus on the high side. (We just crossed the 400 ppm mark for the first time in 3.5 million years.) That carbon ppm reality is also bad news because we know from earth's history that this level of carbon in the atmosphere eventually means temperatures 6 to 8 degrees Fahrenheit higher than they are now. 

At those temperature levels this means anyone around 50 years from now is likely to have a very hard and unpredictable life even if we do everything right and immediately begin the 50 year fossil fuel transition. Unfortunately, until we get our politicians and corporations to agree to this 50 year fossil fuel burning transition and moratorium in binding enforceable law we are still sliding down the slippery slope of even higher temperatures for future generations...

If you want to see what you or your business or nation can do to help do your part to resolve this ultimate survival challenge and adventure, click here to read more about the Job One for Humanity Climate Re-stabilization Plan.

(Please note: The 50 year Global Fossil Fuel Burning Transition and Moratorium was first proposed on 9.3.2013 at the Universe Spirit organization by its staff.)

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