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What major change happened at Universe Spirit and what is going to Happen now?

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Submitted by Lawrence on

It's time for a candid update about both our organization's recent past and our future. It is also best to get the facts from us rather than from someone who is not from within our organization.

What has happened to Universe Spirit? 

For many years our organization provided spiritual services, meditations, retreats, sustainability education and worked to expand the ideas of eco-spirituality found in our writings (Spirituality 2.0 and Religion 2.0 fully explained here.)

One day about 10 years ago I was in a deep meditation and a strong thought and feeling filled my awareness. It contained the clear concept that I and our organization needed to stop our current mission focus on eco-spirituality education and focus on researching the current facts on global warming. This just came to me completely out of the blue.

I really did not want to carry out this idea because as its executive director, I loved the spiritual work that I was involved in within the Universe Spirit organization.

For months, I fought this reoccurring idea, but it kept reappearing in my daily meditations and it grew stronger.

I finally decided to a psychologist who had been a Luthern minister and taught at a seminary. After extensive counseling sessions trying to both reality test and refute the validity of this persistent inspiration or "calling" if you like, I finally came to accept that the Universe and/or it's and mysterious Originating Spirit was directing me toward some new very unwanted mission. This was in spite of the fact that I had never before done any research in this area and most people consider me a hard science guy and this kind of persistent meditative inspirational thoughts were very new to me.

For the next 9 and 1/2 years, I studied most of the current published research on global warming (some 15,000 pages.) What I discovered was that global warming is far worse then we are being publicly told by anyone! (This anyone includes our governments and surprisingly the biggest names in environmentalism and global warming education.)

As a result of these near full-time studies, I published a book called Climageddon, The Global Warming Emergency and How to Survive It (which all Universe Spirit mail list subscribers get free as an ebook here.) Additionally, the Universe Spirit organization also created a new website called Job One for Humanity to help educate about the real consequences, tipping points, and extinction-level crisis coming soon for most of humanity unless ---we radically and immediately change our ways! (This new Job One for Humanity website also provides all the critical information on how to survive this emergency and how to get through the soon-coming consequences as well as you can.) 

Because both I and the Universe Spirit organization shifted our focus towards warning the world about how bad global warming actually is, as opposed to what we are being told, Universe Spirit's ongoing eco-spirituality education and service activities had to be greatly curtailed over the past extended period. 

That's the past...

What's important now is what's going to happen at Universe Spirit with your support!

Slowly we are going to go back to doing more of our eco-spirituality and sustainability work, but our focus is still going to be different based on the new facts we have learned about the global warming emergency.

This is what we are now planning to do going forward:

1.) We are going to move our organizational headquarters and key staff as well as those Universe Spirit members or subscribers who want to join in the creation of a sustainable eco-community to the far north of the United States. It will be located in an isolated area that will remain a global warming safe zone for the foreseeable future. This new eco-community will be based on the ideas of Sustainable Prosperity, Spirituality 2.0and the Job One for Humanity Plan.

We are moving north because the science clearly shows that within 10 to 15 years horrible global warming consequences increasing in scale, severity, and frequency will be hitting most of the areas of the United States as well as other parts of the world below the 45th parallel north. By beginning the process of finding the land for our new sustainable eco-community, we will:

a.) be well ahead of the escalating global warming crisis curve as crops fail and the Great Migration north begins (within about 10 years,)

b.) have adequate time to prepare and build a fully-functioning sustainable eco-community grounded in a new eco-spirituality that will help sustain us through the hard times to come and most importantly,

c.) create a "beacon of light" new eco-community that will become a living example for the rebuilding of a broken world for the time when we finally come out of this global warming eco-crisis. (Please see this online booklet to better understand what we mean by a sustainable "beacon of light" eco-community and why we are not acting from a survivalist mentality, but a wise, sustainability advocate's mentality.)

If you are one of those rare individuals who understands what's coming because of global warming, and you would like to participate in helping us build this sustainable eco-community in a new global warming safe zone, please let us know and read these pages. We will put you on our new eco-community email update list. (Send your notification email to me personally at Wollersheim@msn.com and copy the organization at manage@universespirit.org We will have our first meeting soon.) And,

2.)Gradually, our organization will re-begin its spiritual education services and sustainability training work while it forwards the things mentioned in the previous point.

Just One more thing...

Our organization is in financial difficulty! When we shifted our emphasis to warning the world about the current global warming emergency, we did not do effective fundraising and frankly, telling people they have to radically alter their normal lives within the next 10 years or possibly migrate (depending upon their current location,) is not a message that anyone wants to hear.

Because of these 2 previous factors affecting our fundraising success, we may have to close all of our websites down within the next 3 to 6 months.

We have already economized as much as possible.

Even though we have let paid staff go and we are functioning almost exclusively with a few volunteers there are still significant costs to keep us functioning online.

This means that unless we get some quick financial help from the people who value our work and what we want to create for a better future, this, unfortunately, may be one of the last emails you receive from us.

Yes, we should've let you know sooner! Now we must hope to reach your heart, mind and your generous spirit to help keep our new mission going. So...

Please make a tax-deductible online donation now. This will take you to the Job One website. Both Job One and Universe Spirit are part of Factnet an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit. 

With your ongoing support, we promise we will move forward with the plans mentioned above and we will keep delivering the truth about the world’s current failed global warming reduction efforts. We will also continue to provide deadline-driven effective actions found in the Job One Plan that will help save and preserve you and your loved ones as the escalating global warming situation deteriorates. 

Please make a quick and easy online tax-deductible donation here and keep our new mission alive

Lawrence WollersheimYours for humanity, our children, and the earth,

Lawrence Wollersheim
Executive Director


PS: If you don't understand how bad global warming already is or, how bad it's going to get, please take this challenge and let us prove it to you. Get the free ebook Climageddon, The Global Warming Emergency and How to Survive It. It will prove to you using science what is coming --- is exactly what we are saying. (All Universe Spirit mail list subscribers get Climageddon free as an ebook here.)

Get it now. If we don't get the necessary emergency funding we need, there is no guarantee it will still be available.


This month's mini global warming update is:

What you are seeing in the California, Greek, Finish, and Canadian wildfires and the heat extremes in Japan, Taiwan, and the Middle East are not the new normal for the climate! 

What you are seeing is the beginning of chains of global warming consequences which are beginning and will continue to increase exponentially in their severity, frequency, and scale across the globe. This means what you are seeing right now is NOT the new normal and global warming is going to get much, much worse.

Unfortunately, you will only hear this information from less than a handful of global warming educational organizations daring to speak what people do not want to hear.

What you will also not hear is that the first wave of climate researchers and ultra-wealthy individuals who know about (or have been advised on what's coming,) have already chosen to migrate or prepare to migrate near or above the 45th parallel to minimize the coming global warming consequences. Even several of our staff at Job One have begun the process of finding new places to live in the far north.

You're probably now asking if it's this bad, what can you do about the global warming emergency right now? That can be found in the newly upgradedJob One for Humanity Plan.