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Time for "The Rest of Us" To Step Up on Global Warming

Submitted by Dan Shafer on

Three weeks ago today, voters in the United States elected an avowed climate change denier to the highest office in the land. Even though President-Elect Donald Trump has promised to pull the United States out of the Paris Accords (a policy stance he has already begun to backpedal a bit), the environmental movement appears for the moment at least to have found a new energy in the fact of his election.

In an article on the Bill Moyers website, freelance journalist Emily Schwartz Greco begins with the following important observations:

"Responsible Americans can’t give up on shrinking the nation’s carbon footprint while a climate denialist and his fellow travelers have their way with the federal government. With Greenland’s ice sheet thawing out, hottest-year-on-record temperatures set on an annual basis and increasingly dangerous and frequent bouts of extreme weather, the world needs to stay focused on fighting climate change in the next four years. As The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has said, “there is no time to waste” here in the real world." (http://billmoyers.com/story/climate-action-rest-us-now/)

It may be true that without the United States playing the primary role it has been filling for the last several years, the job will become even more difficult. However, to the extent that the United States reduces its role in leading the Global warming movement, other nations — including those with a far more advanced view and greater progress in their own borders — will step up to the plate and, absent active US opposition from a clearly uninformed and uncaring administration, be able to make significant progress without American help or "oversight" that promises to become more like interference. In the long run, this can only strengthen the forces attempting to slow and halt global warming, such as Job One for Humanity.

The same is true for the environmental movement inside the United States: this election could and should shake us out of our lethargy and complacency, causing us to take a far more visibly active role in attempting to short circuit the Climate Catastrophe hurtling toward us.

Dan Shafer
Director of Strategy and Communication
Job One For Humanity