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Evolution, Science & Religion 2.0

The Relationship Between Universe Spirit and Job One for Humanity

Universe Spirit and its accompanying Evolution Spirituality (described in detail elsewhere on this web site,) enthusiastically embrace Job One for Humanity and its critical, "first things first" principle. In fact, Universe Spirit's first spiritual promandment involves becoming responsible, universe evolutionaries, universe citizens and sustainability stewards of the living bio-systems of the planet and the universe. This moral and spiritual responsibility is what drives our community to step up to the task of Job One for Humanity!

After all, if we do not make the push to become truly sustainable, our very planet--our "game board of life"--will disappear, and all pursuits of every kind--whether intellectual or spiritual, secular or religious--may become impossible to explore and nearly meaningless to attain.

The Job One for Humanity call-to-action also embodies most of today's current eco-spirituality principles and the tenets of the Universe Principles of Sustainability as found in the courses in our Department of Sustainability at our Universe College. Ultimately both ecospirituality and the Universe Principles of Sustainability help people to understand the idea of sustainable prosperity and create a "right livelihood" for themselves, which is also an important part of executing the Job One for Humanity mission successfully.