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Planetary State of Emergency on Escalating Climate Destabilization (Global Warming,) being declared on Universe Day Dec 31 to bring action on Climate Cliff

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Universe Day is an annual international event occurring each December 31st at noon through January 1st at noon.

This year the annual message of Universe Day 2013 focuses on:


  • increasing awareness of the looming climate cliff, which is crossing the global warming tipping points leading to irreversible or extinction-level climate destabilization. (The current escalating climate destabilization is the result of human-caused carbon pollution of our atmosphere by fossil fuels.)
  • dramatically reducing human-caused atmospheric carbon emissions on an emergency basis! To support the emergency reduction of human-caused carbon emissions the 4th annual Universe Day event declares this December 31 st to be Day One of the first Planetary State of Emergency on Escalating Climate Destabilization. (This emergency reduction of human-caused carbon emissions is Job One for of all Humanity. For emergency and non emergency actions to be taken to mitigate escalating climate destabilization see the Job One for Humanity link farther down this page .)
  • encouraging people to stop using the terms global warming and climate change in their conversations and switch to the more accurate and useful terms of climate destabilization, irreversible climate destabilization, extinction-level climate destabilization or the looming climate cliff.

We invite you to gather with friends this 4th annual Universe Day to help enact evolutionary solutions to the looming climate cliff and the escalating catastrophic climate destabilization as well as to celebrate the beauty and wonder of the universe we live in.

Similar to Earth Day events, individuals and organizations all over the planet are encouraged to self-organize their own Universe Day meet-ups to forward this year's climate cliff warning message. In true Millennial style, Universe Day is a no-ownership, no-egos, get-the-message-out-now local and international co-created event. Imitate it, adapt it, improve it. “Steal it, even, if it hastens the spread of its urgent and vital message.


Why does Universe Day land on noon December 31st to noon on January 1st? The New Year’s holiday is a time spent by many to reflect on the previous year, and examine how they want to live in the New Year about to begin. Celebration is also a way to energize intentions. Mark Twain said, “Never trust your mind when your imagination is out of focus.” Likewise, on Universe Day, how might one better shape their New Year’s resolutions when the single biggest possible challenge to humanity's collective future (the climate cliff or irreversible climate destabilization,) is also in focus?


What will you do as an important part of the universe on this 4th annual Universe Day 2013?

The universe and our planet are calling for you to act now…


Learn more about this year's Universe Day climate cliff and climate destabilization prevention solutions. Go to www.TheUniverseDay.org


What YOU can do right now to help forward the message of Universe Day 2013 from anywhere in the world:



The Forth Annual Universe Day is facilitated by Universe Spirit (http://universespirit.org/) a non-profit organization that teaches about Sustainable Prosperity, forwards Job One for Humanity (preventing the climate cliff and irreversible climate destabilization,) and how the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview can be used to create a just, prosperous and sustainable world for all.


We invite you and your organization to help spread the word about this year's important Universe Day Message and the First Planetary State of Emergency on Escalating Climate Destabilization being declared.


For questions about Universe Day 2013 or Job One for Humanity contact: manage@universespirit.org


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If you would like to see a realistic comprehensive and systemic approach to global warming and climate destabilization, click here.